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Alabama Psychiatric Services
Alabama Psychiatric Services 450 Lanier Road Madison, AL 35758

Alabama Psychiatric Services

Alabama Psychiatric Services practices at 450 Lanier Road, Madison, AL 35758
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I am writing this review because I am completely disgusted with APS at this point. I have a serious situation that I needed help with immediately. I called 1 month ago after a very traumatic event and was told new patients are scheduled 1 - 3 months out. I was told I couldn't be seen until after the first of the year (this was November 1st). I couldn't get anyone to schedule me any sooner, so I went without help for two weeks. However, things got worse for me, and I deteriorated to the point where my health was suffering a great deal.

I called APS again and spoke with a crisis nurse. I explained that I was unable to eat or sleep. I told her that I had lost over 5 pounds in less than a week and was in a constant state of panic. She told me that my "fight or flight" reflex was in overdrive and I needed to get a handle on it. She also told me I needed to find a way to sleep (no kidding) but there was just no way for me to see a doctor right away. I told her there was no way I felt I would make it 1 - 3 months without help so she said she would try to get me in a little sooner. After not hearing from anyone for over 2 hours, I called back and was told that they were very busy and I would just have to wait. The crisis nurse then said if I couldn't wait, then I should check myself into the hospital. When I explained I have children and could not do that, she suggested I go to a battered woman's shelter. I am not a battered woman.

I called my insurance company and the customer service rep called APS to see if she could get me in sooner, but she was unsuccessful. At that point, I was being told I would have to wait until the middle of December (this was more than a month from the date I was calling). After persisting, I was finally scheduled with a doctor for 2 1/2 weeks later. I am still waiting for that appointment and I don't even know if I want to go. I am so resentful of this office. I found their website this evening, and they have the nerve to advertise that non-emergency patients are usually seen within two weeks of calling. I, and two other people I know, were told 1 - 3 months when we called and I'm in a serious crisis! I am still not eating well, I am still not sleeping, and my health has continued to suffer because I have been trying to survive a traumatic event with absolutely no help from APS. I'm afraid to know how many people simply never get help because this practice schedules out so far that it is ridiculous and useless to those in the most need of help.
by Anonymous
November 28, 2010