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Midvalley Animal Clinic
Midvalley Animal Clinic 6047 South Redwood Road Salt Lake City, UT 84123

Midvalley Animal Clinic

Midvalley Animal Clinic is a Animal Hospital facility at 6047 South Redwood Road in Salt Lake City, UT.
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Animal Hospital

Services Midvalley Animal Clinic practices at 6047 South Redwood Road, Salt Lake City, UT 84123.

Animal hospitals offer general and emergency pet care services. Some animal hospitals offer 24 hour emergency services-call to confirm hours and availability.

To learn more, or to make an appointment with Midvalley Animal Clinic in Salt Lake City, UT, please call (801) 269-1213 for more information.
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I just wanted to let who ever is in charge know my story and what has happened to me so that these issues can be fixed so others do not have the same experience as I did.

I adopted Max from the Humane society and you were the first clinic I ever went to. I had taken him there a few times over the years so when he broke his leg you were the first clinic I thought of. I had always had a good experience there.

I paid $2,000 for his surgery which I was happy to pay because I knew it would be a difficult one. The surgeon never met with me before the surgery so I just assumed he was capable of doing it, otherwise I would have hoped instead of taking the money for a surgery he was ill prepared to preform, he would have told me he was not comfortable with this surgery and I would have respected that. So we went forward with the surgery.

The day that I came in to pick up Max he was covered in his own vomit I am assuming because the anesthetic can make them sick. It was stained in his fur and took me two weeks of scrubbing to get it out. No one cleaned his fur when he stayed there he was probably laying in his own vomit for who knows how long.

A year later my dog cried two times in three days when I touched his arm wrong however he was still using it really well... so of course I brought him back in to you guys they did some more x-rays and found that a small part of his arm had re-broken. The surgeon was not there so the vet tech sent pictures of the x-rays to his phone for him to diagnose which I though was unprofessional. He couldn't even see how well my dog was walking and that it cause him hardly any pain. The surgeon then called her and said we would need to amputate the leg.

In the mean time the girl who I was working with there decided to put him on the highest dose of pain medication she had which I also though was a little ridiculous so I asked her if I could get a milder pain killer cause I know my dog and his pain, I pay really close attention. It wasn't the price that made me want the lesser pain killer it was the fact that he didn't need to be that drugged because it barely hurt him and only when you pushed a specific spot plus he was still running around on it and playing. She told me the high one was necessary so of course I took her advice. she then proceeded into the back and was talking with a co-worker telling her that I was stupid because I wanted a lesser pain killer and that I was a bad dog owner.
I by the way used a way smaller dose of the pain killer then was recommended and guess what... I was right. By the time the prescription should have been used I had several left cause I didn't need that much.

I set a date for the amputation and then tried to get my x-rays so I could get some other opinions because it was a big decision and he really didn't seem like he needed it. The x-rays costed me thirty dollars.

I went to three other vets all over in the valley and each one looked at my dog and examined the x-rays, some of them even knew the surgeon at your clinic. They all said the same thing. The leg was indeed re-broken and they all told me it was do to the surgery being done improperly. Some who knew the surgeon even told me they would not have recommended him for that surgery. They all said that with the way he is using the leg and how little pain it cause him when they would push on it and examine it that there were three options.
One: Do another surgery to try to correct the previous surgeons mistakes. (Not the most recommended but it was an option)
Two:Amputate it (As a last resort not recommended)
and Three: Try to see how it heals on its own (Due to the lack of pain it was causing him and the amount of pressure he could put on it and the fact that he was still playing and acting normal (Not like it hurt or he couldn't do normal things with it.)
I opted for the third option since that was the one they all recommended the most and if it got worse or started to actually hurt then we could try a surgery. At least give him a chance.

Your clinic never offered me any consolidation or and sort of money back. I just wanted you to know what my experience was there, in hopes that you could work on some of these things.
When a vet can offer you a point of view that costs no money (even tho I would spend anything on my dog) they obviously are not in it for the money but are in fact in it to help animals have a better life and that is not the experience I got at your clinic they just wanted to give me the most expensive pain killers a really expensive surgery which was not done properly and then wanted to amputate the leg which would have costed more money, when it was not necessary.

I have taken the other vets advice and let the break heal on its own and I must say that my dog is doing great now and has a happy life where he runs and plays like all the other dogs with no pain and he got to keep his leg.
I have not had extensive experience with this vet. It was the vet used by the previous owner of our dog so we used them to and were pleased with the service they provided with our new pets spay procedure. She recovered quickly.
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