Borbas Pharmacy, Owner

Borbas Pharmacy, Owner

Borbas Pharmacy, Owner

Borbas Pharmacy and Surgical Supply is the leading Healthcare Company in the New York City since 1992. 10,000+ items in stock today. We are dedicated to delivering a range of medical supplies that improve the daily lives of people who have special needs. From hospital beds, mobility scooters to knee braces and bathroom accessories, our health care supplies are attainable, reliable and top-of-the-line.

Borbas Pharmacy provides a wide range of products and services in one place and sends directly to the patient's home and/or health care providers including physicians, hospitals, long-term care facilities and the home health care markets. Borbas Pharmacy's ultimate goal is to act quickly and accurately to the ever-changing needs of the customer. Borbas Pharmacy has earned the reputation of being one of the most respected and dependable supplier of medical equipment in the state of NY today.
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Services We Carry All Medical Supplies
One of the most important things that help to set us apart from the competition is the fact that we carry so a large selection of medical products. We carry thousands of different medical items at all times so we can deliver them to you quickly and easily. We also work with all the top medical supply manufacturers so those rare items that we might not have in stock can be ordered and delivered right away. This helps to ensure you have what you need, when you need it.
Whether you’re looking for items like diabetic supplies, normal prescription medications, orthotic devices or anything else, we have them available for you. When you call to make your first order we’ll collect all the information that is needed to complete the order and have your medical supplies sent right out to you. After that, we can fill any prescriptions almost immediately when you order and we can also get you the non-prescription medical products that you need.

Fast & Free Shipping
Another benefit to working with us is that we provide very fast shipping right to your door. You can often get the medical supplies you need the next day. In most cases we also offer free shipping for your order. Our goal is to always get you the supplies that you need as quickly as possible so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll handle all the driving and finding the items you need so you can relax and focus on getting or staying healthy.
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