Haven Lake Animal Hospital

Haven Lake Animal Hospital
Haven Lake Animal Hospital 300 Milford-Harrington Highway Milford, DE 19963

Haven Lake Animal Hospital

Haven Lake Animal Hospital is everything you’d expect in a veterinary clinic—in urban Delaware, in suburban Delaware, and in rural Delaware, too. We happen to do it all, conveniently located in Milford. We offer quality medicine and compassionate care, of course. But we don’t stop there.

At Haven Lake Animal Hospital, you have access to cutting edge pet care including I131 for feline thyroid cancer, advanced surgery, advanced dental care including dental radiology (xrays), and a comprehensive rehabilitation center.

Our state of the art rehabilitation center includes laser therapy, under water treadmill, heated therapy pool, acupuncture, TENS, and much more. Your pet will receive the same rehabilitation as you would receive at your physical therapy center.

Professional affiliations include: IVAS, AARV, and DVMA.
Years In Practice 23
Primary Specialty

Animal Hospital

Affiliations Professional affiliations include: IVAS, AARV, and DVMA.
Office Staff 5 doctors and 20 supporting staff and vet techs
Payment Options We accept cash, personal checks, debit cards, VISA, MasterCard, and Care Credit.
Services We serve dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents, and pocket pets.

We provide wellness care, preventative care, diagnostics, and emergency services during business hours.

Services include: Acupuncture, allergies, cancer treatment, cardiology, dentistry, geriatrics, internal medicine, laser therapy, microchipping, orthopedics, pain management, radioactive iodine, rehabilititation, surgery, and more.
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I have been taking my cats there for the last couple of years for their check-ups and shots with no problem.

A couple of weeks ago, my male cat had been throwing up the white foam... must have a hairball or something he swallowed didn't agree with him. So he did this excessively for 2 days with no food or water intake, so he went to the vet to get re-hydrated and see what was in his stomach. The vet of *27* years, Dr. Holme said there was a "foreign body" in his stomach that was the culprit. I asked if it was chewed up rubber bands, my Fitbit watch, or part of a cat toy and she replied that it could be a button that he swallowed. She said they were going to "pump him full of laxatives" to see if he passed the object himself. They took an x-ray the next morning and said she needed to remove it manually because he didn't pass it himself. Okay, NECESSARY surgery was needed. I come to find out that the DVM of almost 3 decades can't read an x-ray. She could not decipher the difference between a "button" as she said it could be, and a SHADOW that she said what was viewed. THANKS for causing my cat undo pain by cutting him open and poking and probing unnecessarily!!

I called the office manager to complain because they performed unnecessary surgery since the veterinarian herself said it was a shadow on the x-ray, not a lab tech or secretary at the front desk, the VET herself with 27 years experience said is was a shadow she saw. The office manager said she would talk with the owners, her partners, and the vet and would get back to me the next day after my call because I said I shouldn't pay the $1500 for the surgery that my cat did NOT need. Well, I gave her a week without a return call from her. When I called her to voice my displeasure of her lack of follow through, she said the vets there at the clinic felt "it was in the cat's best interest that they perform the surgery for they thought it was **necrotic bowel**..." Way to go!! We went from from a "foreign body" which could have been a button to a shadow which the vet said in her own words she viewed, to needing this to sound medically necessary otherwise my cat would have died if they didn't do the surgery. What a crock of s#!t...

I know opinions are like @ssholes, and everyone has one. But I am now a believer of all the other people I have heard that said that Haven Lake's vets perform unnecessary surgeries. Guess it was time for a new vehicle and she needed that months payment paid with the money in my pocket.
by Max with a scar xxx.xxx.42.226
November 02, 2017
Haven Lake Animal Hospital has cared for my beloved pets for years. Whether a standard wellness check, a surgery or a need for rehab services, they provide caring and outstanding care. Both cats and dogs, purebreds and rescue animals benefit from their thoughtful and gentle treatment. We have taken cats, dogs, puppies and kittens, rescues and those with fine lineage to them and recommend them frequently. In addition to the vets, the staff members are kind and effective.
by Brewmax xxx.xxx.136.121
October 03, 2017
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Not at all, it was very peaceful and quiet
by Anonymous xxx.xxx.240.40
June 21, 2013
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Yes everything was neat and sterile
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Not at all! They are always respectful and courteous!
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Yes, it was in a safe enough neighborhood
by Anonymous
February 14, 2012
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