Jeff Smith, Owner/Veterinarian

Jeff Smith, Owner/Veterinarian
Mount Hermon Animal Clinic 3620 Franklin Turnpike Danville, VA 24540

Jeff Smith, Owner/Veterinarian

Mount Hermon Animal Clinic is an animal hospital in Danville, Virginia with two veterinarians serving Danville, VA, Martinsville VA, South Boston VA and Chatham VA, and Reidsville, NC. You will feel like part of the family the moment you walk through our doors. One of our client care coordinators will greet you with a smile and guide you through the check in process. If you would like help bringing your pet in from the car, please give us a call as you arrive. Next you will be escorted into an exam room by one of our veterinary assistants where she will collect vital information about your pet’s health and answer any questions you have. You will then have all the time you need with one of our caring doctors. The doctor will perform a thorough examination of your pet and after discussing the history with you and the assistant, the doctor will recommend the best care that suits you and your pet’s individual situation.

We are here to satisfy all your pet care needs and want you to let us know of any concerns you have.

We keep the most advanced in house laboratory equipment and digital X-ray imaging technology in order to give you quality diagnostic results and minimize you wait times. While in the exam room you will have time to discuss the cost of all procedures and make payment arrangements in private before heading back out to the front desk for payment. One of our staff will be happy help you to the car after your visit.
Years In Practice 23
Primary Specialty

Animal Hospital

Gender Male
Education Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Training Orthopedic Surgery, Behavioral Medicine, Veterinary Dentistry
Affiliations AVMA, American Veterinary Medical Association, VVMA Virginia Veterinary Medical Association, American Veterinary Dental Society, American Association of Behavioral Veterinarians
Office Staff Dr. Jeff Smith, Dr. Katie Rohrig, Amy Lee (Practice Manager), Karen Thompson (Client Care Coordinator), Christen Hammock (Client Care Coordinator), Candace Ashe (Veterinary Assistant and Pet Hotel Manager), Jade Fowler (Veterinary Assistant), Tim Baines (Veterinary Assistant), Andy Glass (Veterinary Assistant), Tanya Henley(Pet Hotel Assistant)
Payment Options Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Care Credit, Payment Banc
Services Preventive Care : An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure. Visiting your veterinarian for a check up every 6 months is the best way to keep your pet healthy and to ensure that he or she lives a good long life. If you consider that in one year’s time, your pet ages about 7 years, a visit every 6 months to the vet is equivalent to us seeing our doctor about every 3 ½ years. Many things can happen in 3 ½ years!

At each visit to Danville’s Mount Hermon Animal Clinic, we enjoy taking the necessary time to answer all of you questions and fill you in on all of the relevant details of your pet’s health. Each of our pets is unique and needs personalized attention.

It is amazing what we have in common with our pets. Dogs and cats can suffer from obesity, diabetes, heart disease, thyroid problems, arthritis, cataracts, glaucoma, urinary incontinence, dementia, and anxiety. The tricky thing is: our pets will instinctually hide their sicknesses. A complete physical exam and laboratory testing can identify a potential problem before it starts to cause discomfort. For example: when a person first becomes diabetic, they complain of feeling a little dizzy or nauseous at times, but our pets are unable to speak about these feelings and many pet owners do not notice that their pet is diabetic until the disease is severe enough to cause liver problems and brain swelling.

By working closely with you on an effective preventive care strategy for each pet, we are able to prevent diseases before they become serious, thereby avoiding suffering and saving money. The two most prominent diseases we see in our pets are totally preventable. These insidious diseases are obesity and dental disease. Yes, dental disease is completely preventable and with regular dental cleanings, we can add years to our pets’ lives and prevent other related diseases such as kidney failure and endocarditis. Starting a preventive dental program early will add quality time to your pet’s life and save you money. Brushing your pet’s teeth is best, but there are many easy options available to help prevent dental disease. Come by today for a free dental exam and consultation with one of our veterinarians.
Mount Hermon Animal Clinic in Danville, Virginia has a special focus on veterinary dentistry and oral surgery. Veterinary dental care is a rapidly progressing field with over one hundred board certified veterinary dental specialist in America. We will refer you to a specialist for such things as restorative care and root canals if necessary. We, however, offer the best in general veterinary dentistry and surgery right here for your convenience.

Almost half of all dental disease in dogs and cats occurs below the gum line in the roots of the teeth. Often times, it is impossible even for a veterinarian to see if a pet’s tooth is diseased without a radiograph (X-ray). Dental X-rays, in conjunction with a comprehensive oral health exam, is the best way to evaluate your pet’s dental health.

Periodontal treatment, extractions and oral surgery can be necessary depending on your pet’s situation. We have an expertly trained staff that will coordinate the complete oral health assessment including X-rays as well as periodontal treatments, surgery and cleaning all-in one visit.

Safe Anesthesia

Our doctors use the safest anesthetic combinations available. Each pet undergoing a dental procedure has a staff member specifically assigned to be with them and monitor their vital signs constantly- from the start of anesthesia through to a safe recovery.

Pain Control

We believe in comprehensive pain control. Our patients are provided with medications to relieve anxiety and pain before the procedure begins to ensure we get the best results from our medication. We also practice a multimodal approach to pain control, blocking the pain perception at several steps along its usual path. This comprehensive approach is not only more comfortable; it is actually safer. With adequate pain control, we can maintain patients at a lower level of anesthesia and we have more stable heart rates and blood pressures.
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