LAURA PRECOURT, D. C. practices as a Chiropractic Independent Medical Examiner in PLANO, TX.
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I came to this place by recommendation of a friend and while at first it all seemed great, let me tell you.. it has been a not so great and very disappointing experience for me and my husband. I write this review with great sadness after blindly believing Dr.Laura was genuinely going to help me "reclaim my health".

If you are looking into joining this practice i personally feel you should rethink your options and search for other non-invasive, holistic specialists. Perhaps do what I didn't do- and that is - to go get a second opinion OR read my review and make your own call.

It all started when my health went down hill. A friend recommended Dr. Laura' after she had a positive experience (not on the same program I enrolled for) so i decided to call and make an appointment. To my surprise the only way to get seen/in was to attend a talk at a restaurant first so that they can see if I was a good fit for their practice (that's what i was told on the phone when trying to make an appointment). Okey, so me and my husband went to a free meal/thyroid talk at Patrizio's in Allen. We sat and heard a very eloquent introduction as well as a very touchy personal story of how and about Dr. Laura came into the field of helping people. I totally heart felt, admired and related to her story to the point i blindly believed i had hit jackpot by finally finding an honest and caring Dr.- those which seem to be extinct nowadays. After the presentation was done and no price overall was mentioned for the treatment/program, the front desk ladies went around each table to ask the attendees if they were interested in booking a consultation. If you booked then and there the price was a discounted, and so we did. We filled out a form with our info and paid around $80 or so per person. Days passed by we went to the consultation, filled out more forms when we got there, during the consultation they basically sell you the program, they tell you how much it is, around $5,900 each up front (yes i did say up front). While yes they explain that amount covers everything, for example: classes, supplements, consults and a binder with copies of "years of valuable research put into developing the program"( as stated literally by Dr Laura to me and my husband) I was very surprised that some of the literature found in that binder like the Bone broth section in the Getting started tab (page 3) seemed awfully familiar with that of "Wellness mama" a famous blogger that promotes healthy living. I thought that any time you borrow from an original source and do not give proper credit, you have committed plagiarism and violated U.S. copyright laws, but that's not my issue or for me to claim. Either Wellness mama was a Reclaim Health patient and used their literature or Reclaim Health is a fan of her blog and used hers. Check it for yourself: Go to wellness mama blog and search for "how to make bone broth".

My issue, however, was that after paying the amount needed to start the program I had difficulty sticking to it and i did voice that concern here and there and way too many times but I was only told to not be "too hard on myself" and keep trying. I tried, for 6-7 months i tried and i'm still in square one. I tried sticking to the program because if anything really truly helped it was Michelle, the nurse practitioner who i never felt gave up on attempting to see me complete the program. She emailed, called, left vm's, took the time to make the transition of accepting Hashimoto's easy for me etc... Unfortunately, she no longer works there and things changed. No more emails (but the automated ones everyone gets) and no more calls to check on how things are going or how this sickness is taking over you. Robert (an amazing gentleman) who i had the pleasure of meeting/talk in 2 different occasions took her place. While still a newbie, I LOVE Roberts great attitude and vibe,,,but I must say I have only seen Dr. Laura 4 times in all that time/6-7 months (1 at the free dinner/talk, 1 at the prepaid first consultation, one time i requested to see her because i was emotionally a mess trying to do the program but couldn't and another time when i randomly got a cold and I called trying to see what could be done and an adjustment was suggested and given).

Its been 6 months or more, I am still where i started originally and they have been paid. Hashimoto's is real, I am still sick, I've been experiencing sharp pains by my heart area and i'm scared. When trying to call today (Thursday) to ask for Dr. Laura shes not available, no manager was available until Monday, they said call back Monday. I called to see if I could get an additional lab work done since i woke up swollen in the face and had the chest pain two days in a row, I was concerned my thyroid was either gone or in bad shape. Since i am traveling in 2 days for business for over a week- hence me wanting to ask them/see if we could do another lab work to either start all over with new updated info on my thyroid or then have them suggest another way to go about me not being able to complete the program when i came back from my trip. Sadly, trying to get a hold of someone was worse than trying to reach President Obama. After playing phone tag back and forth with the manager Denise she gave up and said call back Monday on a VM. I did not call on a Sunday or Saturday night, it was 2:30ish on a Thursday and no one could help til Monday. Even after front desk notified the manager about my concern and issue she couldn't call to sort out what seemed to be an problem? No, she did not. It was handled poorly and without the importance it should've when I kept saying i keep feeling like a sharp needle pokes through my heart area. However, Cindy the new front desk gal did. If anything thank you dearly Cindy for taking the time to pass down the concern so i could get some peace of mind as opposed to me feeling that i paid so much money up front to not even be acknowledge, rather ignored for months until i call in myself to report how I'm feeling. Never have i been so disappointed in a service, never have i taken the time to write a negative review. Guess there is always a first time. The only thing left now is for me to get my money back , that which was not spent that is. While the promises of "reclaiming my health" back were an understatement. I hope the integrity and honesty of giving back every penny that wasn't spent is (for i am completely okey with them keeping what was indeed spent). I will take my health/business elsewhere even though i really believe their program could work, yet the way the do things don't. I will update my review after finding out what will happen to my credit that was never used.

This review is NOT intended to slander, downgrade or doubt anyone's professional skills. Although I do hope this message serves for a bigger purpose and that is, the one of using constructive criticism to grown and better themselves into a clinic that everyone feels secure and taken care of.
by Sandra Saenz
January 16, 2015