Helen & Michael Schaffer Extended Care Center

Helen & Michael Schaffer Extended Care Center
Helen & Michael Schaffer Extended Care Center 16 Guion Pl New Rochelle, NY 10802

Helen & Michael Schaffer Extended Care Center

Helen & Michael Schaffer Extended Care Center is a Nursing Home facility at 16 Guion Pl in New Rochelle, NY.
Primary Specialty

Nursing Home

Services Helen & Michael Schaffer Extended Care Center provides extended-stay nursing care to seniors with varying levels of disabilities in New Rochelle, NY.

Please call Helen & Michael Schaffer Extended Care Center at (914) 632-5000 for more information or to schedule an on-site visit.
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2.5 star average for Service
4 star average for Environment
2.5 star average for Expertise
2.5 star average for Staff
2 star average for Recommended
2 star average for Value
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Recent Reviews
To date This is a dangerous place to be. They allow peoples dirty laundry to be talked about and judged upon in public. They have 2 faced employees and staff who pretend to be on your side but when they see one of their own beimg bicked on tney back off with the support of the patient and side with tne mental abusers of the world. I have been here since last august 4, 2018. Starting in montefiore hospital in the ER and then 4th floor. They threaten families who want to back out of agreements that shouldnt be happening in tne first place. With threats of "if you even consider taking your loved one out of here, they will be dead before you get here." That was said to my aunt more then once. Also shafers gives out shares of the hospitwl in new rochelle to the fwmilies and it should go to the patient, to keep them interested in this facility. Which is expensive. Think about when you buy shares in a stock market. I get threatened each time I reach out for help regarding tne goings ons in here. Also I heard through a VERY reprutable source (a patient) that they do the reactory program in both places. They cant do it in tne hospital because its agsinst the law. So they do it at night. HERE at shaffers they do it 24/7. They target disabled people. They use what they hear about them beforehand and while here, against them. I am a cutter and since Icant cut like I would like, they take full advantage of that in a negative way. As a cutter/self harmer I am SUPOSED to have my feelings met and heard at ALL times. NOT unusual right? I have on occasion have thrown things oit of frustration of my tense environment. And get written up about to drs on paper. They are ALLboth deaf and blind to tne facts and kn purpose. For the almighty extra money. Its NOT the outsiders who have been welcomed in wih open arms by head staff since last august in my particular circumstances, total fault. And paid and was paid to start. I witnessed something thst they didnt realize I had on the outside and when they knew I wanted to and about to I THEN became a threat to the original bunch. I wish forst of all the mafia was not involved with this. Because they were asked to be involved in it there as well. I want to feel sorry for these groups. BUT i dont. Let me have my say without the sabotage and threats and intimidations. Tney are even interefering in something more personal that DEFINITELY has NOTHING to do with them. A certain family (latimer) has paid people off as well as someone else to not pursue legsl actions that they the famiily caused me and someone else separately. And they committed a privacy act violation at the same time. And used tne place where it happened to cooperate with their tatics aganst me. The other party + another were paid for their testimony not to be used in court or changed stories. I wqnted to resolve this privately but my own family wouldnt let me. They didnt want me to profit off of it. Which is NO ONES BUSINESS. I need anyone who knows a good americans wirh disability act lawyer or civil rignts lawyer to contact me. Unflrtunately I am still being held agsinst my will and homeless. My family brougnt shares of the hospitsl thanks to tje personal relationships with thomas shaffer and raymond and elizabeth fitzgerald. Who himself is mafia connected. As is thomas shaffer who is also a corrupt person. I dont trust anyone or else I would trust any of them in my OWN personal world to help me. Rather then reach out to YOU. Oh and by the way they here are the ONLY hospital/facility that doesnt practice the hypa law. All holds barred here. Look at tne webpage and see how much shaffers is worth and montefiore hospitall of new rochelle. And you will see how much a share could be worth. Oh and also the long term patients have always said that they pushed their own families out of their lives knowing that this hospital was capable of doing the same thing to their own families.
This facility is a veryunsafe place. The security guards for the most part are mafia connected. So if they are you knlw tne rest will be! They bringin outside drugdealers to give to staff to personally take. . I had seen one review and it said that tje nurses were snippy and acted like they were running the show. They dont treat disabled patients well at all. They misdiagnose you on purpose and not even caring about a previous outside drs .diagnosis. They push families and patients buy a share in the montefiore hospital of new rochelle. They keep relatives and visitors from visiting the patient. They use biorhythm and facetime to communicats with one another and provoke family to spy on theor relative and mock them. And outsiders are encouraged to do so. The hospital is owned by mafia jewish families. As is shaffers who is on everything with them. They dont care aboit disabled patients rights. I am from upstate new york and care nothing about sending me back up there. They have administrators who are from the polictical arena of new york city. Including county excutive.
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Does this provider maintain a professional appearance?
Somewhat, I wasn't overly impressed
Did this provider seem up-to-date with the current advancements in their field?
No, they could have used some continuing education
Does this provider have helpful information available online?
No, just a basic listings page
Did this provider ever take personal phone calls while in the appointment room with you?
No, they've never taken personal calls with me
Is this provider willing to pursue advice from other providers when necessary?
Not at all. They were too arrogant to ask for any assistance, even though they knew it would help
Does this provider remember you and your circumstances at every appointment?
Was this provider's office easy to locate?
Absolutely! It couldn't have been easier!
Did this provider thoroughly explain the risks and benefits of your treatment?
I think so
Did this provider seem up-to-date with the current advancements in their field?
Does this provider treat every client equally?
Sometimes, but not all the time
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