Barry Zide, MD

Barry Zide, MD
420 E 55th St Apt 1D New York, NY 10022

Barry Zide, MD

Barry Zide, MD practices as a Cosmetic Surgeon in New York, NY.Barry Zide, MD graduated from Tufts Univ Sch Of Med, Boston Ma 02111.
Primary Specialty

Cosmetic Surgeon

Education Tufts Univ Sch Of Med, Boston Ma 02111
Training Univ Of Nc Hosps, Plastic Surgery; Stanford Univ Hosp, General Surgery
Services Barry Zide, MD offers cosmetic surgery at 420 E 55th St Apt 1D, New York, NY 10022. Cosmetic Surgeons and plastic surgeons enhance or improve parts of the human body through surgery.

Cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery in New York, NY may be able to improve or refine physical features through a combination of surgical or minimally invasive cosmetic enhancement procedures.

The most common procedures typically offered by cosmetic surgeons in New York, NY are: breast augmentation, breast lift, breast implants, liposucton, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), botox injections, breast reduction, nose job, face lift, brow lift, neck lift, lunch time procedures, chemical peels, eyelid surgery, laser skin resurfacing and microdermabrasion.

To make an appointment with Barry Zide, MD in New York, NY, Please call (212) 421-2424 for more information.
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I'm hearing all over the place about what a great surgeon Dr. Barry Zide is -- a "genius," an "artist of the face," a "kind and caring surgeon." So, where are they, then? Where are all the "really impressive" before-and-after photos that support all the wonderful things said about Dr. Barry Zide in his dozens of rave reviews -- you know, the ones Zide makes reference to in his PUBLISHED medical journal articles? They must be around here somewhere, because the first thing the "genius" does when he gets a new patient is stand him against the wall and take a picture. Surely, patients so happy with their doctor will be glad to let him post their pictures. Privacy can be protected by putting black rectangles over the eyes. Is "HIPAA" getting in the way again? The federal law for which Dr. Zide boasts his own "translation"? Let's ask "Einstein" -- for "once he is gone there will be no other" -- to take time from his tennis game to explain to the unwashed masses what he means when he writes:

"And what about the patient who wants to see preoperative and postoperative photographs that you do not have? My latest ploy for that is great: 'The new HIPAA, the Health Insurance Privacy Act (my translation), which ensures patient confidentiality, does not allow us to show those pictures anymore. I wish I could, though; they were impressive, really.' The methods by which I try to keep a patient from going elsewhere unnecessarily do not go beyond this petty, nebulous presentation of data. Some of my colleagues, though, are downright creative." -- From "I Am an Expert for Anything You Want" by Zide, Barry M. published in 2002 in "Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery."

What's that I hear Dr. Zide saying? The language is intended to be understood by "surgeons only"? Nice try, but Zide writes in plain English. "Latest ploy"? Anybody need a medical dictionary to understand that? "Petty, nebulous presentation of data"? Anybody need a cheap, evasive, fancy-sounding euphemism for baldfaced lie? Is he trying to be funny? Then we need proof that The Barry Zide Show stays OUTSIDE the operating room.

By inviting his colleagues to join him in mocking HIPAA, this evil clown flaunts the bottomless contempt he feels for the law as well as the rights of others. His sleazy bibliographical references, e.g., "Secrets of Power Persuasion," are self-discrediting and require no further comment from me. His final sentence shows us how he gives himself permission to be a crook. In other places he writes "I'm through fighting it" and "Now I go with the flow." In other words, since his colleagues are unethical, it's okay for him to be unethical, too. This kind of moral reasoning might be cute in a 4-year-old, but in a highly educated adult it is characteristic of psychopathy.

If Zide is such an excellent surgeon why are there no videos of him performing surgery? Excellent surgeons post videos of their work. If he is so accomplished and highly esteemed why has he never been department chair? If he is such a "genius" why didn't he go straight to medical school? Why did he go to dental school first? When a doctor gets his DMD and then his MD, and gets both from the same school, we are right to wonder whether his acceptance into the MD program had more to do with politics than with merit. Why, if everybody likes him, does he carry a gun, the permit for which he obtained by getting himself appointed constable? Ask these questions, and get answers that make sense, before you let Constable Zide come anywhere near you with a scalpel.

Barry Zide conned and manipulated me in ways consistent with his twisted writings. He then butchered me, in ways better left to the imagination than described.

He writes about the plastic surgery business as if describing a criminal enterprise, giving step-by-step instruction on how to con and manipulate patients. He writes disparagingly of patients and colleagues alike, calling the one entitled and narcissistic, and the other sociopathic. He seems perversely blind to the fact that these are perfect descriptions of himself. He's blind to other things, too. For example, it is an understatement to say that he gets medical ethics wrong. He gets ethics and morality wrong, sideways, upside down, inside out and backwards. Medical doctors are supposed to emphasize the care and protection of the public, not "business, money and stature." The George Plunkitt of plastic surgery needs to be told, loud and clear, that there is no such thing as "honest graft."

Barry the dentist; Barry the surgeon; Barry the professor; Barry the constable; Barry the legal expert witness for hire. Have I missed anything? Barry "a finger in every pie" Zide, by attaching himself (like a wood tick) to powerful professions, has made himself the ultimate insider. He should take a degree in meteorology, too. That way Barry the weatherman can speak with authority when he wets on people's legs and tells them it's raining out.

The positive reviews praise him as a compassionate genius. The negative reviews condemn him as an evil fraud. Which is it? It can't be both. Yes, there is good and bad in each of us, but not to such extremes. When solving an unknown, begin with a known. Begin with his writings, for they reveal his true nature. Read them. Study them. Think about them. Ask others what they think. Then decide for yourself whether Dr. Barry Zide is devil or angel, genius or fraud.
March 1, 2019

I presented to Dr. Barry Zide in October 2018, with a lip and chin that were a total train wreck. I had been diagnosed with sleep apnea in 1992, and am unable to tolerate C-Pap. So I looked for surgical solutions. In 1994, I had tongue advancement surgery which involved degloving of chin and moving genioglossus muscle forward. In 1998, I went for the radical surgery: BSSO, or mandibular advancement. The surgeon put in a massive chin implant, again degloving the area, and cutting the mentalis muscles. In 2002, I had the massive chin implant removed and my own chin brought forward in a sliding genioplasty. In February 2018, I had cosmetic surgery by a surgeon who noticed my ptotic lip and chin and promised he could improve it. I ended up with the chin pad and lip still ptotic, and also way off center to the right. I randomly drooled on the left side of my mouth when I ate.
Thankfully, I found Dr. Zide by googling chin revisions and visiting his website: chin He has performed over 500 chin revisions. He has written many articles, specifically addressing the importance of resuspending the mentalis muscle correctly.
I met with him for a consult last October. He spent quite a bit of time analyzing, and having me move my lips in every conceivable way. “Your mentalis muscle is off-center and the left side of the muscle doesn’t appear to be helping in any way. The chin pad and lower lip need to be brought to center and anchored with 3 anchors. The sulcus is too low and needs to be as close to your lower teeth as I can get it.” Anchors. That’s the ticket. I was starting to feel hopeful.
So I had the surgery 2 weeks ago. Since he is very cautious, I wore the compression jaw bra 24 hr/day for 1.5 weeks. I’ll wear it 2.5 more weeks at night, head elevated by 3 pillows and sleeping on my back.
Most of the swelling is gone now. My chin pad is centered, as is my lower lip. Spot on. My lower lip appears to be level now. I didn’t expect Dr. Zide to work miracles and I didn’t think he was a magician. But, in my opinion, my result is quite miraculous given the mess the previous surgeons left for him. He has restored my confidence by improving my appearance. I’m so very grateful.

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