Dr. James TenBrook

Dr. James TenBrook
Tenbrook Orthodontics 859-G US Highway 40 North Woodstown, NJ 08098

Dr. James TenBrook

Renowned orthodontist Dr. James TenBrook utilizes the latest technology in the application of braces, including the innovative TenBrook T1 Self-Ligating System, a revolutionary new design in braces. All TenBrook offices also offer teeth whitening services.
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Services Dr. James TenBrook is listed as an Orthodontist located in Woodstown, NJ. An Orthodontist specializes in dental work to correct or prevent teeth and jaw misalignment. Orthodontics include the application of metal and ceramic braces as well as colored and clear braces to improve dental appearance and jaw alignment.

Please call Dr. James TenBrook at (856) 769-7229 to schedule an appointment in Woodstown, NJ or to get more information.
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PARENTS BEWARE OF THIS PRACTICE!!!!!!!!!!!! My daughter had full set of braces from Tenbrooke . It started when went to the consult and was never told that generally those who have braces will ALWAYS need to wear a retainer. Fast forward 3 years...

My Daughter after having a beautiful smile, decreased wearing her retainer at age 18 and now needs braces again! When we asked for help at Tenbrooke, they wanted to charge us for another set of braces? Besides the lack of empathy, the entire experience was that of a deli, where you take a number and then you are seen!

I feel ripped off and upset due to lack of empathy for the situation and mis informed and will take every opportunity to spread the word in Woodstown about the experience , .....What I believe to be total lack of customer satisfaction and care.

A simple olive branch extended would have done wonders --- but that did not happen. What a shame... be forewarned before going to this practice.

We then decided to get a second opinion with another practice ... and here's the kicker... they told us that even the teeth that are straight , are not aligned properly and that her bite is off....
Mind you that just last week... we were informed ( at Tenbrooke) that her bite was fine.... really? And this new practice gave us pictures to show us the detail of what they were talking about.

PEOPLE BEWARE! The Tenbrooke practices advertised on your local stations in South Jersey are not upfront, honest and have absolutely no care ...with the exception of MONEY! Shame on them!
The half a star goes to the giirl who answers the phone at the front desk...other than that here a complete detail of my issues:

I need some help regarding: Tenbrook Orthodontics ( Mullica Hill)...My son has been going here for almost 3 years now..Our First visit was about 4 years ago for a consultation ...My son (13yrs.) has larger teeth and a smaller mouth...Just as I do ...I have had several procedures and braces twice as a child and was trying to be proactive with him so he wouldn't have the same experiences with overcrowding and trouble trying correct his under bite as myself. As we all know this is very costly... When he was first evaluated at age 9 had baby teeth that still had not fallen out...under Tenbrooks recommendation we waited a year for the next growth spurt to see if he would begin loosing teeth...He only lost maybe 2 or 3 of them...Within this time the crowding was becoming pretty prominent...so I made another appointment to have him evaluated...Just as I had hoped to prevent they said his teeth were "OVER Crowded" and they would start with an appliance to open the pallet. I did agree with this procedure. He had the appliance for about 8 months. During this time they were also hoping it would help his baby teeth continue to fall out..but they did not..they decided to remove the appliance at which time 4 of his teeth came out with the removal of the appliance..."OUCH" - my son said he was fine though! - I thought no reason to complain he says he good and was excited because he could get his braces on now. Not the case...they decided to treat the under bite issue with Headgear, I was not really in agreement with this plan as I knew it would be difficult to get my son to wear it the 12-14 hours a day they demanded it be worn. Plus this was never discussed with either of us anytime prior, it was a like they just added an extra treatment - with the fees to go along with it! I told them I wasn't happy with this plan and asked what alternatives he had...they said none..this was the best way...I still was not pleased, but what choice did I have? They made sure to remind me that if he didn't cooperate and services were delayed I would be charged!? - So for 3 months I will say honestly we persuaded him to be compliant so he wouldn't have to wear it longer and would have his braces sooner. He worn it faithfully from about an hour before bedtime till he woke for school the next morning.(At least the 12 hours) At the next checkup we waited outside for an hour and 30 mins. it was definitely longer but I am rounding it under...the waiting area is small and is not able to accommodate all the scheduled patients. When they finally called him back to be seen, I went to wait in the car ...my son literally walked out 3 mins later and said they needed to see me..I went into the office and a young woman greeted me and said continue what you're doing well see you in 3 months... I asked why we weren't moving onto the next phase of treatment and why he was only evaluated for a brief moment especially after we waited for almost 2 hours to be seen. They told me they would have Dr. Tenbrook discuss it with me...Frustrated as I was made to wait another 20 mins. for him... As I expressed my concerns and my questions of why we are not moving forward... I was told he needed to wear it longer and now for 16 hours a day...I was upset because my son and myself did exactly what they asked on a treatment plan that we never fully agreed upon...and that 16 hours was completely unreasonable since he had baseball everyday after school and I guess wouldn't go out on the weekends? I told him that we felt we were completely being pushed off because he & the staff were too busy? And I wanted to know what other course of action could be taken? He looked at me and said fine we'll do surgery..and looked at my then 12 years old and said "Do you want that?" "My son says if that's what I have to do" My reaction was "WHAT?" He says " Fine we'll just operate & break his jaw" - REALLY!!!! Fantastic bedside manner!! I Interrupted him and said very sternly "do not discuss a surgery option with my 12 year old son ever" then I couldn't believe what I heard him say next ...I was actually told "I believe I have the Degree mam, as he point to his Harvard Diploma?!" and the headgear is the best way! - I left the office extremely angry and upset told them I didn't want to have my son treated by Dr. Tenbrook anymore and requested to see another orthodontist in another office. I didn't contact them for about 2 months...waiting for them to reach out to me and apologize with another treatment plan in order. So about 3 months later the Case Manager Christine called me and told me that she has me set up with Dr. Thomas in the Washington twp. Office & he is going to put in spacers for a few weeks then & schedule for his braces to be put on.

The next 2 visits were in the Washington Twp. Office, Millville, and Woolwich office...all to be able to see Dr. Thomas and not Dr. Ten brook in the Mullica Hill office which is my home town...Not really that fair on our behalf with my son missing school time and money for gas to travel long distances for appointments, but No problem, I guess on my part we'll be inconvenienced so my son has the best care & treatment possible. At this time we have paid $4080.00 towards his orthodontics, (No dental Insurance) and wanted to move to another practice...but did not want to lose the money we had already put out. I feel like our hands were completely tied.

Dec. 13th - 2 months to the date..they applied his braces. Even now that his braces are finally on...still we experience nothing but troubles...the 1st day not even 10 mins after they were on, as I was dropping him back off at school, a bracket & glue didn't take...so I called, took him right back.. waited another 30 mins. they said it counted as a breakage???? (The policy is after 3 breakages we are charged. I did agree and sign off on this policy.) - For the glue not setting??? Fine!!! 2 weeks ago the wire shifted or popped out of the back...(It had been about 5/6 weeks since first having them on, & no other visits since then.) Took him in to have fixed since it was poking him...they said that counts as breakage #2..When I asked how it happened because I know things can shift and wires move, they said it was bent...I told them that he tried to fix it & applied wax because it was hurting. they replied well maybe he was chewing on something..I said okay so this counts against him too..not happy I left the office but didn't say anything! Had an appt. for routine checkup today...My son has had no complaints with his braces...and today just 2 short weeks later they claim that 2 different brackets are broken??? - I guess have to go off of their word...it wasn't shown to me... (But my son said he didn't notice or feel it either???) Now he did say that she was pulling and used the wrench to change the coil and it hurt a bit... is it fair to assume that maybe the tugging and yanking on the coils attached to the very same brackets that are broken may have been knocked loose when she was working on them? Since they claim just his normal eating could do it so simply as well? My son doesn't think it was loose prior to today and I don't believe it was either... she said it was in the front..I think I would have noticed it? Now there are trying to charge me $75 for it... I am just fed up with the condescending manner in which they speak to me and my son...Teens can be tough on things, especially boys..however I refuse to believe that in the 2 months to date...He has broken them 4x's! When does the orthodontics become responsible for materials used that do not hold up? or in which they have applied them? Or where does a little customer service play a role? - My biggest problem even if we are fully to blame...I am basically paid in full and want to seek treatment elsewhere...I cannot do this for 2 more years with Tenbrook....The case manager Christine called today and told me they are refusing treatment now and are mailing me his records...because she doesn't appreciate me yelling at her or degrading her staff...How can they just deny us of services when I paid them? I did call them absolutely rude and horrible to deal with...and yes I was upset when I talked to her...and rightfully so...I am always very professional, and even if I was less than favorable to deal with I am a concerned paying parent of their patient...I have every right to ask questions or be concerned? We have 3 of our own retail business that are pretty successful with a great customer satisfaction rating...It's called listen to you customers and find a reasonable solution to benefit both parties! I guess they just do not appreciate anyone questioning them, after all they DO have the DEGREE!... but it's our Child, Our Money $$$ and we put trust in them with his care...Please HELP?

At this time I have lost all faith in Tenbrook and feel that we are treated like uneducated, ignorant people that are beneath them. We just want our money back so I can seek Orthodontic treatment elsewhere. We are not unreasonable people and know that progress was made with the appliance widening his mouth in preparation for braces...For those services we should owe them for. However, the headgear situation and ongoing visits should be compensated back to us. We have been given the run around for 3 years now and back and forth with different offices, Drs., and treatment plans...enough is enough. It's like pay for new tires if the dealer just threw them on without asking you first, just because that who we use for routine maintenance?

We have not been happy here for a few years but felt obligated since we are almost paid in full...every appt. is no less than an hour of wait time for 3 -10 mins. of service, we have ran through all the motions of their treatment plans, We have asked for there cooperation in the matter and they take a very defensive role and refuse to reason. We have disputed my charges with my C.C Company, filing With the Consumer Fraud , & A.G's. Office - Because now it medical negligence...& Theft of Paid Services still not fully received...I think I forgot to mention he is also still missing his bottom braces.
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