Carol Harrus, MD

Carol Harrus, MD
710 Palo Alto Ave Palo Alto, CA 94301

Carol Harrus, MD

Carol Harrus, MD practices as a Psychiatrist in Palo Alto, CA.Carol Harrus, MD graduated from Temple Univ Sch Of Med, Philadelphia Pa 19140.
Primary Specialty


Education Temple Univ Sch Of Med, Philadelphia Pa 19140
Training Stanford Univ Hosp, Psychiatry; Stanford Univ Hosp, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry; Inst Of Pa Hosp, Psychiatry
Services Carol Harrus, MD practices psychiatry at 710 Palo Alto Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94301. Psychiatrists are licensed physicians who specialize in the evaluation, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental and emotional disorders.

To learn more, or to make an appointment with Carol Harrus, MD in Palo Alto, CA, please call (650) 322-7679 for more information.
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Ms Harrus was supposto provide my son with therapy - the first thing this woman did was punish my son by taking away his 6 hour court awarded visits. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever for her to have done that to my son as i'm pursuing developing a deeper relationship with my 7 year old son Tristan.
Ms Harrus then proceeded to not give ANY explanation for why she revoked Tristan's 6 hour visit rights - Nor did Ms Harrus consult with me before making her decisions. Ms Harrus also made her judgement after only 2 short visits with my son of one hour. I can promise anyone i have a stellar relationship developing with my 7 year old Tristan. There was simply NO reason for Harrus to deny my son what he was looking so forward to ( more time with his father )...
Upon my first interview personally with ms Harrus she promised me i would be involved in my son's therapy - when nearly immediately she took away Tristan's 6 hour visits with his father when Ms Harrus became under suspicion of foul play she then told me she did not want to see or hear from me and disallowed me from being involved in my son's therapy - I have sence contacted a previous mediator i used Jane Flanagan who informed me i should call the Board of Science Examiners as she believes when Ms Harrus disallowed me access to the therapy she has broken rules/ laws.
As things developed - Ms Harrus was questioned WHY she removed my son's 6 hour visits by my Attorney and my therapist at which point Ms Harrus could not provide any substantial support at all to back up her removal of the 6 hour visits. Whe Ms Harrus could no longer substantiate her actions ( holding the 6 hour visits ) she then told my Attorney that she no longer wanted to be involved in the decision making process of witholding any visitation time between father and son - basically suggesting allowing 6 hour visits would be fine. Basically starting he process of avoiding her actions.
At that point my attorney then notified the other partie's attorney - my son's mom's attorney Raquel Sefton who has also lied and manipulated to accomplish their unethical practices , My attorney suggested to Sefton that Ms Harrus no longer has anything to say about visitation and that we ( my son and i ) want the 6 hour visits to be reinstated immediately - at which point Ms Sefton then said she would talk with Harrus. Now ms Harrus said she doesn't want to be involved with any decisions ( DODGING her actions and her past actions with Tristan's welfare ) Harrus then changed her story to something to the effect she doesn't want to say either way whether or not tristan should be getting 6 hour visits or not - This answer provided by Harrus was orchestrated with the help of Sefton ----- Well Ms Harrus you "YOU" were responsible for taking away my son's 6 hour visits "YOU" YOU can't now act like YOU had NOTHING to do with it and want to AVOID ANY FURTHER INVOLVEMENT !!!!

THIS IS FOUL - MS HARRUS " YOU " ARE FOUL for working unethically with Ms Sefton who also works UNETHICALLY to orchestrate Lies which as a result PUNISH my son NEEDLESSLY and unnecessarily ... YOU have been responsible for emotional Stress and Upsetting my son " YOU "..

YOU MS HARRUS should have your license pulled - you're NOT FIT to serve in your capacity when your actions deliberately punish innocent children .....

John Silveira - if anyone wished to contact me concerning this matter my phone number is 650-921-5287 - this matter remains unresolved to this date - my son's visitation with his father is being held back unnecessarily and for no reason because of Ms Harrus - todays date 06/19/09

I've lived in san mateo all my life i'm 55 - no criminal record - and have been maintaining my own small business shoeing horses for over 18 years --->

My son is very upset by Ms Harrus - he has even snuck up to the door when she excused herself during therapy to talk with his mother to her and catch Ms Harrus in a bold face LIE to his mother. My son tells me everything ....

Carol Harrus - you're a monster.

Furthermore Ms Harrus's Therapy toward my son has been ( in his words ) to interrogate him - Tristan tells me she always asks him the same thing - where does your dad want to take you - where is your dad telling you - what does your dad want to do with you - Ms Harrus is acting like the policeman instead of therapist to my son - So many of the things my son tells me about what he has to deal with regarding how his mother treats him Ms Harrus is not even aware of.
by Anonymous
June 19, 2009