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Dr. Shawn Feinstein is an orthopedic sports medicine surgeon specializing in knees and shoulders. He chose orthopedic surgery because he enjoys helping his patients get back to the things that they like to do, whatever they may be. His goal with any treatment is to restore potential, the definition of which is as uniquely individual as each patient is. Sports medicine allows him to perform entire surgeries using minimally invasive technique, while retaining the knowledge and skill to utilize open techniques when necessary. In his free time, Dr. Feinstein enjoys spending time with his family, staying active including hiking, running and cycling, and exploring Richmond with his wife and dog.


Shawn Feinstein provides surgery in Mechanicsville, VA. The most common types of surgeons are: General, Cardiovascular, Otolaryngology, Neurological, Reconstructive, Neonatal and Orthopedic.

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