Daniel H Sway, MD

Daniel H Sway, MD

Daniel H Sway, MD

Daniel H Sway, MD practices as a General Practitioner in CINCINNATI, OH.
Primary Specialty

General Practitioner

Services Daniel H Sway, MD offers the services of a General Practitioner in CINCINNATI, OH. A General Practitioner offers physical examinations, cholesterol testing, wound care, pap smears, immunizations, skin biopsies, fitness programs, stress reduction plans, ongoing evaluations, bone density testing and menopause treatment among other services.

Please call Daniel H Sway, MD at (513) 681-6677 to schedule an appointment in CINCINNATI, OH or to get more information.
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Unfortunitly he is all to Accessibile...More and more doctors are becoming the drug pushers of today. No longer do drug addicts have to wander the streets or seedy alleys looking for the drug pushers. More and more are getting there fix from Dr. Like this one. I know 6 people personally who go to Dr. Sway for their OxyContin to their Zanex. My best Friend went from a dr. sway prescribed Vicadine addiction to a even worse fentanyl pain patche addiction. my Friend is a shell of the person she once was before she started going ot Dr. Sway. Is it a doctors fault when a patient abuses prescription drugs that he prescribes. Yes, when the fact is that Virtually everyone who takes opioids will become physically dependent on them and they know it and prescribe them anyway for just about anything. She almost died this time last year from sucking on the patches and he knows it and what does he do? nothing! She right back to sucking on the patches witch makes her stay up all night and drink even more. He continues to perscribe them to her even after she almost died. She was in the hospital for months after abusing fentanyl patches and alcohol. The patches are prescribed for cancer patients. They are placed on your body and the medication is slowly released into your blood stream. Many are abusing them now by sucking the medication off of the patches. Hopitals are now aware and cuting the patches up before throwing them away because addicts are diving in their trash after them.

She not only get the patches now but she gets the Vicadines too. Zanex or Valium also. One or the other. Who needs that many drugs? She gone to him exibiting the symptoms of an person addicted to pain Meds. Her arms scratched, gug, scared and bleeding from her digging at her skin because after awhile their skin crawls.

Shes not the only one. Iv lost many Friends to more perscription drugs prescribed by this man and other dotors like him then any drugs on the street. Iv lost them. They have gone from responsible members of the human race to pathetic shells of their former selves. They are every one on federal assistance now. Lost their Jobs long ago. Nothing matters now but those pills.

Another male Friend of mine gos to him and hes addicted to the Oxys. Another gos and get his Oxys and sells his on the street for 45.00 a piece. The thing about it is. Addicts are out there looking for Dr. like Dr. Sway. There whole practice becomes populated by addicts. I know about 8 who over the past couple of years have found DR. Sway.

When does it become the physicians responsibility to be responsible to every patient they treatand turn into an addict. You know they have to know something when every patient that they begin to treat comes in needing pain meds or for their anxiety and nerve pills. Come on. These doctors aren't stupid.

Dr sway is a pusher. Its time to start prosecuting more of these doctors as the criminals they have become. I don't understand it I really don't. I'm not a dr. and I know these drugs are dangerous. They know how much they are prescribing to one person over time, they have to know that by now they are addicts. Are they just lazy and tired of their jobs and become no longer responsible enough to do more then set in a chair most of the day with there prescription pads out passing out the heavy drugs to earn their money? Im so angry. How do these Doctors sleep at night. These people your destrying have kids, family, people who love them
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