Robert N. Weinberger, Ph.D

Robert N. Weinberger, Ph.D
The Weinberger Clinic, PLCC 6565 West Loop S. 540 Bellaire, TX 77401

Robert N. Weinberger, Ph.D

I have been a Clinical Psychologist for over 40 years and sincerely enjoy helping others. My devotion and passion to help others lead me to establishing my own practice, The Weinberger Clinic, PLLC (TWC), with several other clinicians from various backgrounds.

At TWC, my team and I provide compassionate yet straightforward care. We don't just listen, we talk to you too. No matter what the problem, the professional seeing you for the first time will have lots of questions designed to understand your presenting issues and to get to know you better. You are more than just an evaluation. We work all together, and with you, so you can meet your written goals.

The Weinberger Clinic, PLLC is a unique practice that utilizes a team approach; a rare find. Coming to the clinic means you will not simply find a collection of multi-disciplinary professionals sharing space, but will experience a true inter-disciplinary team coordinating care.

Often, there is more than one provider involved in people's care. With permission, we all discuss cases. Every week the team meets for what we call Coordination of Care. Here, you get the benefit of input of treatment by psychologists, a psychiatrist, and other licensed professional counselors ALL offering their perspectives.

Another unique aspect of TWC, is we offer INTENSIVE OUTPATIENT SERVICES (DAILY SESSIONS) for Addictions, Mental Health, Marital Crises, Children, Adolescents, Young Adults, Parents.

When weekly outpatient counseling and psychotherapy sessions are not enough, it may be time that most therapists would recommend inpatient, hospital, or residential levels of care. We may do the same, however, we are also able to manage and treat most difficult cases with the availability of daily services, in a individually tailored prescribed treatment regiment, with the various disciplines practicing at TWC. This is equally true for mental health, addiction, severe marital crises, dual diagnosis issues, marital crises, and issues with children, adolescents, young adults, and parenting.
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Services Coming for services at The Weinberger Clinic, PLLC, is like one stop shopping. We offer psychiatry, testing, individual, conjoint, family, and group psychotherapy, coaching, intensive outpatient services, coordination with community-based 12 step programming, drug testing, intervention, hospital or residential treatment center referral, aftercare, and many other services are all available.

Typical of problems related to children that we see:

• School achievement or behavior problems
• Excessive worry, sadness, aggressiveness, shyness
• ADHD symptoms
• OCD symptoms
• Difficulty separating
• Recent loss (death, divorce, move)
• Trauma

Typical of problems related to adolescents and young adults that we see:

• School achievement or behavior problems
• Excessive worry, sadness, aggressiveness, shyness
• ADHD symptoms
• Attitude or motivational problems
• Mood swings/irritability
• Poor sense of confidence and self-esteem
• Poor social skills
• Social Anxiety
• Anger
• Alcohol or drug use
• Pornography
• Problems in relation to food/eating
• Withdrawal
• Promiscuity
• Gambling
• Lack of Organization/Excessive Procrastination
• Trauma

Typical of problems related to adults that we see:

• Anxiety/Excessive Worry
• Depression
• Overthinking
• Alcohol and other potentially addictive behaviors
• Relationship/Marital Problems/Affairs
• Insecurity in spite of achievement/overt success
• Self sabotage
• Sleep Problems
• Trauma
• Family of Origin Issues effecting current choices and functioning
• Concern about a loved one
• Overspending

***Please note that many problems are co-occurring and that this list is not exhaustive.

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