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Merrimack Valley Oral Surgeons
Merrimack Valley Oral Surgeons 33 Bartlett St Lowell, MA 01850

Merrimack Valley Oral Surgeons

Merrimack Valley Oral Surgeons is a Dentist facility at 33 Bartlett St in Lowell, MA.
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Services Merrimack Valley Oral Surgeons is a dentist/dental office located in Lowell, MA. A dentist is trained to diagnose, treat, and prevent diseases of the gums, teeth, and jaw.

Please call Merrimack Valley Oral Surgeons at (978) 454-5637 to schedule an appointment in Lowell, MA or get more information.
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Katie Sorry you have suffered so much. You do have the right to sound off and relieve professional service and treatment. I hope you were able at some point have this issue resolved.
I had the same doctor as you in November but not the nurse. I had to have 4 teeth extracted. I on the other hand found the group of nurses the got me prepped and ready to go were wonderful. As for the doctor I thought he was great and professional at both the initial conference and the surgery.
I had two wisdom teeth taken out at dental dreams, no problem, was back to work the very next day. I had two wisdom teeth taken out here Wednesday and since then the pain has only gotten worse. I have hardly been able to sleep or eat since I got it done. I also have not been able to work I had to call once because they forgot to give me my doctor's note in the first place, had to wait a whole day to get a call back. Then the medicine they gave me made me very itchy. So I had to call to get that changed. The pain never got better, it has radiated into my ears and my head. My throat is also sore.I noticed my stitches had come loose and we dangling in my mouth. Yesterday I asked my husband to put a little oragel on the sores in my mouth. I can hardly open it so it took the two of us. When he looked inside he literally started to gag. I pried my mouth open and looked in it with a flashlight and saw that the stitched were indeed broken and the whole on one side was completely packed with brownish green and bloody puss as well as food despite my efforts at rinsing. I also noticed that when i pulled my cheek open the other side that is mostly closed was oozing a greenish substance that tasted horrible. When I pushed on it further puss came out. I tried to rinse and rinse and rinse but whatever was in the gaping hole would not come out. I called the dentist and told them the pain was unbearable so they set up an appointment for me to go in today. The treatment I got was completely unprofessional and rude. The doctor came in for about two minutes to take the stitches out but then left to go do something else.....!?!?! He then left the nurses to do it. So the took the one side out and when they went to do the other side said "oh this side isn't even stitched up." So stitches had broken as I suspected. Now because of this food or something had gotten lodged very deep in and I got out what i could with a q-tip but no amount of rinsing was getting it out. The nurse told me I was not rinsing my mouth very rudely. I'm sorry do you live with me????? I had been rinsing the whole time. I told her I had been rinsing but it was not getting the food out because the hole was so deep and swollen. How is this my fault because the stitches the doctor put in broke!?! Nice practice to blame your patients. She kept insisting that I had not rinsed my mouth...basically calling me a liar. She then just dropped a syringe bulb in my lap. She then told me I reeked of cigarettes.....I had one. I am aware that smoking is not good after oral surgery and my instructions recommended that I TRY not to smoke for 48 hours. I was also told that I should try not to or at least limit it for 48 hours. Nothing was said about it for 5 days later. Well if I could just quite smoking at the drop of a hat wouldn't you think I would have done so already? It's not exactly that simple. Nicotine is actually the most addictive drug on the planet, thanks. When I had my top wisdom teeth out I smoked also, I made sure to rinse and I had no pain and not a single problem.I went to work the very next day, and didn't need a single pain pill. The nurse told me this was basically a lie (they didn't even do the surgery) she then told me I must have had dentures!?! Seriously, clearly you didn't even look at my mouth or you would know there are no dentures, also why on earth would you get your wisdom teeth replaced with dentures!?! Stupid. They cleaned out the extraction site where the stitches had broke all the while blaming me for it because clearly I stitched it myself. The nurse then took the metal tool and bashed it along all my teeth before taking it out on purpose. Completely unprofessional. I was unable to talk about any of my symptoms or issues I was having and the doctor hardly examined anything. I tried to ask why puss was leaking out of one of the sides, but he gave me no answer and essentially ignored the question. The nurse continued to go on about how the pain was all my fault for not rinsing even though I had told her multiple times I was. The doctor have me new rx for pain medicine. She told me this was stronger medication than the one first prescribed. She also told me I had to eat with it and that I could not drive and should stay at home while on the medication. I asked what I should do about work. She refused to give me a doctors note. She said you only get one for seven days so you can't have one. I explained to her that the one written was good until Monday(I could go back) which was not seven days. She said yes it is you didn't just have the surgery. I told her I had the surgery wednesday afternoon (something they could have read from the chart) so the note got me out of work Thursday, Friday, Saturday, + Sunday. She told me that was 7 days. I explained that Thursday to Sunday was only 4 days off and since I am allowed 7 why then could I not have a doctor's note. She just told me I couldn't have one and that was that. I fail to see the sense in giving someone pain medicine, telling them they can't do anything while taking it, and then refuse to give a doctor's note. I then noticed that they gave me the same exact RX as before even though I had called and told them I was allergic to it just a couple days ago!!! I would have liked them to put in the medicated mesh to prevent food from getting in the gaping hole I now have and to provide some relief, but they don't want to be bothered. I had Dr. Hornung by the way, and an older nurse with short dark hair who looked like she spent a few too many hours in a tanning bed (not sure of her name though.)
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