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david Canter

The Dental Health of Boulder dentists are committed to providing a unique dental experience and providing exceptional dental care for our patients. You will find a team of caring dentists and staff who listen and understand your needs and are committed to providing the ultimate patient experience for even the most apprehensive patient.

Our professional staff receives continuous training in techniques and materials and our treatment rooms are equipped with the latest dental technology to provide our patients with the ultimate dental experience. The entire staff at our Boulder dentist office is focused on the overall health and well-being of every patient. We send appointment reminders via e-mail, which means instead of being disturbed with a phone call you can access your e-mail at your convenience in order to confirm your appointment. We are conveniently located just north of the intersection of 28th Street and Mapleton in Boulder.

Here at Dental Health of Boulder we pride ourselves on setting the standard of quality dentistry and maintaining our philosophy that beauty begins with health.
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Services You Are Our Guest- Not just a Patient

Our goal at Dental Health Colorado is to be the kindest, most compassionate providers in the delivery and pricing of our dental services.

Dental Health Colorado offices are proudly designed to offer our patients the comforts and care they deserve. From the moment you walk in our door, you will be treated with the utmost respect by each dentist and the staff establishing a friendly and professional relationship. The technology and amenities we have implemented will impress you, as they were selected to offer you the highest care in the most relaxing environment.

In addition to our caring staff, our “As You Like It” program gives you an option of several complimentary amenities to help you feel relaxed and comfortable about coming to the dentist. These spa-like amenities will make you feel comfortable, relaxed and pampered.

Our managers are available to assist you throughout your dental experience and are available to answer any questions regarding insurance, billing, procedural coding, treatment plans, dental expenses, etc. Our staff has been properly trained to handle any patient questions or concerns.

Excellent care, outstanding service and a beautiful and health smile- what more could you want? Our Dental Health Colorado team is ready to give you a dentistry experience that will exceed all of your expectations.

We Focus on Prevention

Our mantra is that “We practice Prevention in all ways.” We consider our dentists “Oral Facial Physicians” which means we use the practice of medicine for prevention and elimination of future disease. Our dentists would love to educate you on the benefits of addressing dental concerns early and often. Our medical philosophy is early interventionist identifying precursors to cavities called “caries” and periodontal (gum) disease in early stages, so that we may prevent dental disease. Our dentists are committed to making sure you understand exactly what is going on in your mouth so that you have the opportunity to achieve the highest level of oral health.

We Are Experts at Addressing Dental Anxiety

We recognize that dental anxiety and fear is a reality for many people. It is estimated that as many as 35 million people do not visit the dental office at all because they are too afraid. Having regular routine check ups is the easiest way to maintain excellent oral hygiene and reduce the need for more invasive treatments. The comfort, relaxation and happiness of the patient is a top priority at our practices. Our patients will be treated in the most compassionate, caring way possible, never inducing another traumatic event into their life in a dental office. Our dentists make use of a wide variety of safe anesthetics and sedation techniques to eliminate pain and reduce anxiety during appointments.

We Utilize the Latest Technology in Dentistry

At Dental Health we utilize the newest dental technologies and techniques in order to make your visit to the dentist more convenient and comfortable. There are moderate additional charges for these services that your insurance may or may not cover. Please feel free to discuss the benefits of these technologies with your Dental Health dentist.

Same Day Crowns and Veneers. We use cutting edge technology with restorations, materials and techniques that are rapid and ultra-long lasting.We use the state of the art E4D Dentist CAD CAM system.
Intra-Oral Camera
. The Intra-Oral camera is a tiny digital camera that looks like a pen and can be easily moved around your mouth. The benefit of the intra-oral camera is that it allows the dentist to see cracks in old silver fillings or fractures in the tooth structure and enamel that could not be seen by the naked eye. It also offers the patient a clear visual of what the dentist finds.
Laser Cavity Detection
We have invested in the latest technology to improve cavity detection. We use a new tool called a DIAGNOdent to detect early breakdown in your mouth. This pen like laser is totally pain free for patients. One of our dentists calls it the Geiger counter for cavities. By catching breakdowns in an early stage, we can prevent them from getting worse. We can stop the cavity and prevent expensive fillings and restorations for you.
Digital Radiography. Advances in digital radiology allow us to X-ray our patients safely and quickly. Because a digital X-ray system requires no film, it reduces patient radiation exposure by 80 percent and eliminates hazardous chemicals that were required to develop traditional films. Patients simply bite down on digital sensors—instead of film—while computers process the imagery. Within seconds, the digital images are ready for viewing.
Cancer Screening: We also use a device to detect oral cancer called a VELscope. The VELscope is non-invasive and uses a bright blue light to emphasize any changes in the mouth that we could not normally see.
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