Vein Removal

Prabhakar Baliga, MD

If you avoid showing your legs in public because of spider veins, you are not alone. Many women (and some men) struggle with the same problem. In fact at least fifty percent of women are bothered by clusters of red, blue or purple veins. These unsightly veins usually appear on the legs, but not always. Spider veins can also occur on the thighs, ankles, calves, and face.

The good news is that you don’t have to suffer any longer. There are very safe and effective methods available for eradicating spider veins. If you would like to get rid of your spider veins and better your appearance, Prabhakar Baliga, MD can help.

Using lasers is a very effective way to treat varicose veins. The laser treatment is appealing because it doesn’t require invasive surgery; just the insertion of a needle. Powerful bursts of light are sent into the varicose veins through a tiny laser catheter placed inside the needle. Heat from the pulsing light causes the vein to seal. The vein then withers and gets reabsorbed into the body. Varicose veins actually decrease the efficiency of blood flow (via mangled valves) so removing these problem veins can restore normal blood flow.

A hospital stay for vein removal is largely a thing of the past. Treatment today will most likely not include a hospital stay or a lengthy and uncomfortable recovery. Local anesthesia is applied to aid with comfort. Less invasive techniques are available to patients, and in most cases, the procedure can be done in Prabhakar Baliga, MD’s office. In most circumstances the procedure lasts less than an hour, but more than one treatment may be needed depending on the severity of the problem. The procedure is easily tolerable, extremely effective treatment, and shows few side effects.

Patients begin the process with a visit to Prabhakar Baliga, MD for an initial consultation. Usually, this consultation will include an ultrasound of the lower extremities to determine if laser treatment is the best treatment for the patient. There are a variety of treatment options available to remove spider and varicose veins. Sclerotherapy, laser treatment, surgery, natural creams and herbal remedies are also options. Prabhakar Baliga, MD can help you determine which procedure is most appropriate for you depending on the type and severity of your vein condition. Please call (843) 792-8999 to make an appointment.

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