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The Crazy Sexy Recipe to Living (& Loving) Your Best Life Ever

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By Karl Lawrence on Tuesday, October 20, 2015
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In this week’s episode of Your Best Life, Karl interviews Kris Carr, who wants to change the way you live, love, and eat through her books Crazy Sexy Diet, Crazy Sexy Kitchen and now her newest one, Crazy Sexy Juice. Kris regularly lectures at medical schools, hospitals and wellness centers, and with companies such as Whole Foods and Harvard University. She is a contributing editor to Natural Health Magazine and has been seen on The Doctors, Good Morning America, The Today Show and Oprah. During this episode, Karl and Kris discuss being the CEO of your life, self-awareness and the difference between juicing, blending and smoothies.

Main Questions Asked:

  • Who did you surround yourself with to help you?
  • What was your big shift in self-awareness?
  • Talk about the big changes in your diet.
  • What is the difference between juicing, blending and smoothies?
  • Do you have a go-to formula that is consistent, or do you mix it up a lot?
  • Talk about the macro ratios you use.

Key Lessons Learned:

Be the CEO of Your Life

  • Kris was diagnosed with a rare Stage IV incurable sarcoma that started in her liver and spread to both her lungs. Ever since then, she has been on a ‘watch and live’ approach.
  • She decided to be the CEO of her own health and build her own wellness plan, as she didn’t want to live from scan to scan and hope for the best.

Crazy Sexy Juicing

  • The biggest change Kris made was removing processed food from her diet, dealing with her sugar addiction and learning how to prepare real whole foods.
  • Today, her diet is plant-based, and she is a big fan of juicing and blending.
  • Juicing is a lot easier for people to do when it comes to consuming fruits and vegetables.
  • If you want to get more good fats and aren’t getting enough fiber, then smoothies are a great option.
  • Kris found that when she started juicing it helped heal her digestion, improve circulation and eczema.
  • When you start to give your body what it truly needs and craves, it's remarkable to see what happens and how it comes back to balance naturally.
  • Karl has noticed that when people start to juice they notice that they look a lot younger than they used to and that inflammation goes away.

Juicing, Blending, and Smoothies


  • This is the practice of removing the fiber.
  • The product is a glass of juice that is vitamins, minerals and enzymes.
  • This gives your body an opportunity to rest, as there is not a lot of energy that goes into the digestive process.
  • You are taking in a lot more of the nutrients, as it takes a lot more produce to make a glass of green juice that you wouldn’t normally be able to eat.
  • Juuicing is beneficial for people who are struggling with energy, inflammation, digestion and skin disorders.
  • If you are having juice that isn’t green, make sure you also include vegetables, too, as you don’t want to spike your blood sugar level and have sugar highs.


  • This is the practice of putting all your fruits and vegetables into the blender and keeping the fiber.
  • Fiber balances the blood sugar and is great for digestion.
  • In order to keep her smoothies healthy, Kris makes sure they are filled with plant-based items and doesn’t put in any dairy.
  • She ensures there is good protein such as hemp seeds, almond butter and avocado.

Kris’s Diet & Go-To Formula

  • Green lemonade: cucumber, romaine, kale, apple, celery and lemon.
  • Smoothies: Avocado, hemp seeds, cucumber, banana, blueberries and dates.
  • Kris considers her diet to be vegan and encourages people to consume more plants.
  • Ensure 50% of your plate has vegetables on it.
  • We don’t need as must protein as many people suggest, but need to make it come from sustainable sources.
  • We get so caught up in, ‘Am I doing it right?’ and ‘What is the specific diet?’ but it’s really just about consuming more fruits and vegetables that are whole foods.

How Do You Feel?

  • Take an inventory of the relationships in your life and ask if they have run their course.
  • Pay attention to how you feel in your body with regards to strength and feelings.
  • Playing is a big part of refueling your inspiration, inner child and ‘joy meter.’
  • Have real conversations with yourself and get to know what keeps you happy, inspired and what motivates you.
  • If you don’t think you matter, then it’s really hard to make good choices.

Thank you for listening!

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