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Brad Larner, MFT
Foundational Truth Family Services Office

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3144 Davenport Ave. Saginaw, MI 48602
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My husband and I have been going to see Brad over the last few months. I had been to a couple of other therapists/counselors prior, and none have been quite like Brad. He not only offers the Christian based counseling that we wanted, but also gives real world perspective and application. He is very easy to talk to, very honest and understanding. He helps us understand the root of whatever issue we are dealing with, and challenges us to change the way we think. We both love going to see Brad, and are always encouraged about whatever issues we may face. We gladly recommend Brad to anyone we know.
Were the waiting rooms private?
Absolutely, they had a private waiting area and a separate exit.
Did this counselor keep your information confidential?
Definitely! They always make sure that everything I say is kept private and confidential
Did this counselor answer all of your questions?
Every question I had was answered thoroughly
How would you rate your experience with this provider?
The best
Was this provider helpful about using your insurance coverage?
Absolutely yes
Wise counsel in times of crisis is crucial. Wise, Biblical counsel is what Brad gives. He was able to apply his study of scripture and his understanding of human behavior with great precision. The issues we have worked on in my family were complicated and have affected us from generation to generation. We learn who we are and how to cope with life growing up in families that don't get everything right. Brad was able to help my daughter with marital issues and later helped me as I worked through some family business relationships that needed to be understood. My mom also participated in the counseling that Brad provided as we worked through 60 years of family dynamics that needed to change if there was to be healing in our family. At age 82 my mom stated that she has learned a great deal about how parenting styles and communication impacted relationships and has learned how to make changes for growth and healing. Three generations of my family have trusted Brad with our need for help. I believe that God is using him in a powerful way and trust his compassionate instruction. God has given Brad a passion for helping people and he is using it faithfully. My family has been greatly blessed and we've made much progress in our healing process.
Dr Brad was amazing. He helped my boyfriend, Now husband work out problems and work on areas that were destroying us. He gave me ways to cope deal and work things out in my mind, My husband likes going, he appreciates Dr larner tremendously. We are always in a better mind set and mood after talking to him. He makes us think and it has helped out so much. If it was not for him we would have not stayed together. We will continue to go. And for anyone out there who is struggling with a situation, go! Best hour you will have and it is well worth it!!!!!! Thank You Dr Brad!!
Brad has helped myself and my husband tremendously. Even though my husband wasn't 100% on board for going to counseling, he was able to open up to Brad like I've never seen before. He was always fair and truly listened to both of us and helped us see what our other half really needed. I would always recommend him to anyone in need.
I look forward to my appointments because I know I will always receive good advice and be encouraged. I always feel very cared for. I couldn't believe how kind and compassionate Brad was. He has always shown genuine concern for me and my situation, and I knew that I could always count on his sound advise and support. Brad always makes me feel comfortable about any situation in my life and lets me know that I'm not alone in my thoughts. I never hesitate to express my feelings and emotions because "I know" I won't be judged! When I leave I have feelings of accomplishment in ways to deal with my emotions and situations I find myself in with my family. My self worth is confirmed and I'm more confident. I was so happy with my appointment! I'll be telling friends and family about this good experience. It's always amazing how much better I feel when I walk out his door!
Brad has helped me greatly with relationships, dealing with guilt, and trying to relate to people better. He has helped me to not feel so unworthy or depressed about my homosexual thoughts and feelings. My own beliefs and convictions have given me success in not acting on these feelings in years, but I have still struggled with believing that I am forgivable. The pull towards other men is not nearly so obsessively strong anymore. He also helped me with my obsessive compulsive tendencies. I always used to try to do everything perfectly. Everything. And I failed continuously, which only made me feel worse. I have felt worthless and ashamed most of my life (I'm over 50!) and Brad has helped me to see that God loves all of us in spite of our sins. Brad helped me to see that The Bible condemns this sin like others, but also that God loves me just like others who struggle with different sins. I didn't think God would accept me because of all of this. I have begun to look at my temptations as something that doesn't define me and that i am just like every other person out there struggling to do right while knowing that I'm forgiven.
My family and I were dealing with the difficulties of having a terminally ill child. At times the grief was unbearable and the stress on our family's day to day lives, with our healthy children, was hard to manage. Without Brad's help and encouraging guidance, we would have never made it through it all! Especially after our son passed away. He helped bond my husband and I's marriage so that we could stay strong for our family! Thanks to him, we are healing as the time passes. Highly recommended!!
Are you going to visit this provider again?
Without a doubt!
Was this provider's office too loud?
Not at all, it was very peaceful and quiet
Did this provider seem up-to-date with the current advancements in their field?
Does this provider maintain a professional appearance?
Absolutely! You can tell that he/she really makes an effort to look professional
Does this provider treat every client equally?
Definitely, they make everyone feel equally respected and cared for
My wife and I had tried other marriage therapist's and I felt we were at the end of our 27 years of marriage. We both decided to give Brad a try and I am so thankful we did. It wasn't easy for us but after several sessions I was actually looking forward to our meetings. Brad made us feel comfortable and uncovered things that neither of us knew about ourselves that went back to before we even met. Sadly this had impacted our kids beyond what we knew but we have brought them into our sessions. Our kids also see Brad one on one for anything they want to discuss. We have been blessed and I can honestly say that we are a family again and not just people living together. My mother has been against therapist but after hearing how I overcame my struggles and how happy I am she is now wanting to make an appointment with Brad. From the bottom of my heart, Thank You Brad and God Bless You!
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