Kevin Johnson, D.D.S

Kevin Johnson, D.D.S
Brighter Dental Care 3495 US Route 1 South Princeton, NJ 08540
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I have been going to Brighter Dental for 20 years. For the past 6 or so years I've had the pleasure of knowing Doctor Singer. He is not only the most handsome dentist I've ever seen but also the most compassionate.
He and his staff have always been accommodating. Especially when an emergency comes up. I've lost a couple caps over the years. He wouldn't let me look too ridiculous for too long. So Doctor Singer takes me in right away to remedy the situation.
My hygenist is Lisa and she takes very good care of me and I'm sure many others.
It's been my pleasure to say many positive things about Doctor Singer because I know he really cares about US.
You can search your whole life through trying to find a great dentist, when you’re done reading this, you’ll know that your search is over!
For many years I have searched for an excellent dentist, at Brighter Dental Care I not only found Dr. Singer, but also an entire team of outstanding dentists and their exceptional staff! I was immediately impressed from the moment that I scheduled my first appointment and had my first visit, with the professional atmosphere and especially all of the astonishing people that make up the team at Brighter Dental Care.
I have always been a person with high expectations for any medical/dental services, I guess because I have been a nurse for many years; Brighter Dental Care has far exceeded those expectations. At Brighter Dental care and compassion abounds! They go above and beyond for all of their patients, extending themselves to others with caring generosity and supportive knowledge when performing the highest quality dental procedures in every dental specialty, using the latest techniques and cutting-edge technology in their dental practice.
As someone who has had extensive dental work in the past, which had degraded, and also having had a long-term illness with the use of many medications that added to the decay of my teeth, I was in desperate need of a massive amount of dental work. To embark upon this much needed work I had my first appointment with Dr. Singer who did a very thorough exam/evaluation to assess my needs. Needless to say (as I expected) the results were that I needed extensive dental work done. At that time they presented a detailed treatment plan for my needs and discussed at length what my options were, this also included the financial aspect/options of the plan. I was absolutely elated that he was so caring and conscientious, and especially that there was a solution to my dental needs!
The highly skilled team of dentists at Brighter Dental (the oral surgeon, the endodontist, the periodontist, general dentist, etc.) then went to work restoring and recreating my teeth, working tirelessly for the best healthy and creative solution for me. After 18 months of appointments, having root canals, oral surgery, implants, porcelain crowns, bridgework, fillings, cleanings and more… my dental health and teeth are now totally transformed, not to mention my self-image!
The dentists and staff at Brighter Dental with professionalism and concern make sure that each and every patient is treated as a very special patient, patient comfort is a priority at Brighter Dental. If you are the least bit nervous and apprehensive, as I was (and as most people are), I know that when you leave the office after the first visit you will feel just the opposite. Every visit for me has been more like a visit to a friend’s house, than a dreaded visit to the dentist’s office. In the positive atmosphere at Brighter Dental, they make you feel very welcome and at ease, making every visit very “painless”.
As you can tell from my statement of satisfaction with Brighter Dental, I highly recommend them to others for all of their dental care and needs. I know that you will be just as satisfied as I am, so much so that when asked by others “Do you know a good dentist in the area?” You too will respond as I have…. “Yes I do, the name of the group is Brighter Dental Care. They are the most exceptional dentists that I have ever been to for all of my dental care!”
My sincere thanks and gratitude to all of the dentists, assistants, hygienists, and staff for making my teeth the “happiest and healthiest” that they have ever been!
My name is Laura Shapanus and I live in Robbinsville. I am married and have a 6 year old son. I'm also a fitness instructor and I teach various fitness classes in many different facilities. So my schedule is very hectic. I used to go to a regular small dentist office which was fine when all I needed was a check-up and a cleaning, but then I started having some other issues. When I went to my regular dentist they informed me that I needed a periodontist. Great. So now what? Well, I had to find one on my own and figure out if they took my insurance and where they were located. I do not have time for that. I was thrilled when Brighter Dental opened up an office right here in Robbinsville! They did all the work for me. They have a great caring group of Doctors who all come right to the Robbinsville office. I love that! So if I need a root canal, I go to Brighter Dental, a check-up and cleaning the same place. I also needed a dental implant;they do that too! And they put in my final crown. All the women that work at the front desk are so nice, and they always work with my crazy schedule. It's so convenient to have everything right in the same office. I've met most of the doctors and they are all so warm and compassionate and very gentle. That means a lot to a busy mom like me. I highly recommend Brighter Dental.
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