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Sports Medicine Specialists in zip codes near Eagle, MI


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Sports Medicine Specialist Eagle, MI

Find a Sports Medicine Physician in Eagle, MI to treat sports-related injuries and other health issues related to physical activity.

Zip Codes nearby Eagle, MI

  • 48917 (9.22 mi) (1 match)
  • 48820 (10.42 mi) (1 match)
  • 48906 (10.8 mi) (1 match)
  • 48910 (14.27 mi) (5 matches)
  • 48912 (14.31 mi) (1 match)
  • 48911 (14.42 mi) (1 match)
  • 48813 (16.34 mi) (2 matches)
  • 48823 (16.61 mi) (1 match)
  • 48879 (17.22 mi) (1 match)
  • 48849 (17.81 mi) (1 match)
  • 48864 (19.9 mi) (1 match)
  • 48840 (20.36 mi) (1 match)

Sports Medicine Specialist Info

Sports Medicine Specialist Summary:
A Sports Medicine Physician treats athletes and individuals who have sustained injuries to due playing sports or engaging in exercise or physical activity. A Sports Medicine Physician is able to diagnose, treat and provide prevention for a wide range of sports injuries, including strains, sprains and concussions.

Sports Medicine Specialist FAQs:
What is a

Sports Medicine Physician

A Sports Medicine Specialist is a physician who works with athletes. A Sports Medicine Specialist also works with active people. A Sports Medicine Specialist treats and prevents injuries and illness that are related to sports or exercise.

What does a Sports Medicine Physician treat?
A Sports Medicine Specialist can treat strains, sprains, concussions and fractures. A Sports Medicine Specialist also treats asthma and diabetes. A Sports Medicine Specialist can also help with nutrition and strength training.

Where does a Sports Medicine Physician work?
A Sports Medicine Specialist can work for a sports team, a school, an athletic facility or a hospital.

Sports Medicine Specialist Related Terms:
sports medicine specialist, sports medicine doctor, sports medicine, sports injury, athletic injury