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Respite Care Summary:
Respite Care is the short-term care for individuals with physical or mental disabilities or illnesses. Respite Care gives the family or normal caregiver a temporary break from the constant care of their loved one.

Respite Care FAQs:
What is

Respite Care


Respite care provides temporary relief for family members or caregivers providing constant care for a physically or mentally disabled individual.

Is respite care only for elderly individuals?
Respite care can be for any individual needing assistance regardless of age. It offers a short break for long term caregivers that provide physical, mental, emotional, and medical support constantly for their disabled loved one.

What types of Respite Care are there?
There are several types of respite care, including In-Home Respite Care, Specialized Facility Respite Care, and Emergency Respite Care. In-Home Respite Care is when the short term caregiver cares for the individual in the comfort of their home. Specialized facility Respite Care is when the individual needing care is placed in a facility equipped with medical support for a short period. Emergency Respite Care is an individual or facility that provides immediate respite care without prior notice.

Respite Care Related Terms:
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