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Registered Nurse Summary:
A Registered Nurse is a health care professional who also acts as a patient advocate while assisting with a patient's care and recovery. The role of a Registered Nurse is to assess a patient's condition and implement a plan of action so that they can recover more quickly. Registered Nurses also provide emotional support and education to family members on how to cope with and treat a patient's condition once they are at home.

Registered Nurse FAQs:
What is a

Registered Nurse

A Registered Nurse is a nurse that works with patients during their care and recovery. Registered Nurses make sure patients receive professional care.

What type of care do Registered Nurses offer?
Registered Nurse duties include updating medical records, administering medications, helping to perform diagnostic tests, and helping with rehabilitation.

Where does a Registered Nurse work?
Besides hospitals, a Registered Nurse can be employed by physicians, attorneys, schools, fire departments and other private industries.

What types of Registered Nurses are there?
A Registered Nurse can specialize as an ambulatory nurse, critical care nurse, holistic nurse, home care nurse, infusion nurse, long-term care nurse, psychiatric nurse, surgical nurse, radiology nurse or a transplant nurse.

What are the duties of a Registered Nurse?
Some of their duties include:
- Reviewing patient's charts and implementing a plan of action to treat conditions and speed up recovery
- Supervising other nurses and nursing assistants with their duties
- Administering medications and treatments
- Assisting with rehabilitation and providing follow up treatment and advice
- Educating patients and families on managing an illness, condition, or disease.

Registered Nurse Related Terms:
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