Review Guidelines

What are the guidelines for comments and reviews?
When posting reviews, comments or ratings, users should follow the guidelines below:

Be Useful:
Reviews should be useful, honest, accurate and fair testimonies from direct personal experience as a real patient, parent or guardian of a patient.

Be Appropriate:
Reviews should be family-friendly, never profane, vulgar or be intended to cause unmerited reputation damage.

Be Authentic:
Reviewers must submit their own functional email address to confirm receipt of system messages to authenticate their reviews on request. Unverified reviews may be removed at any time.

Be Careful:
Reviewers who wish to remain anonymous should use alias display name, not their real name. Reviewers who commit intentional acts of defamation or violate the Terms of Use may be held personally liable, including but not limited to giving up their rights to anonymity.

Be Responsive:
User review verifications may be emailed to the reviewer at any time. Any review marked for verification will be in a temporary hidden status and a confirmation email will request that the original reviewer confirm their review is still relevant and merited. The user need only reply with their confirmation and the review will be reposted or removed on request.

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