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Certification SC, SC-AL32064, NC, NC-27462, CA, CA-G41852, SC-BG2953405, SC-2532064, American Board of Internal Medicine, American Board of Internal Medicine-073480, American Board of Internal Medicine-73480
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Charles Greenberg

Dr. Charles Greenberg practices medicine in the area of nonmalignant blood disorders. He provides consultative advice regarding the diagnosis and treatment of bleeding, thrombosis, and disorders of blood cells. Dr. Greenberg conducts translational research regarding new diagnostic tests for management of bleeding and thrombotic disorders. Working in collaborations within the MUSC health care system he assists in management of blood, blood products, and the cost-effective management on nonmalignant blood disorders. Clinical research on the use new approaches to manage bleeding and thrombosis continue as part of national and international groups targeting life-threatening blood disorders. Dr. Greenberg's basic research is in the area of transglutaminase structure and function and he has published in the area of Factor XIII and tissue transglutaminase biology related to hemostasis, thrombosis, wound healing, angiogenesis, and tumor growth.


Charles Stephen Greenberg, MD provides oncology services in Charleston, SC. Oncology includes the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer, and many other forms of cancer.

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