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Sonali Sadequee, CHHC, AADP, RYT 500
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Sonali Sadequee, CHHC, AADP, RYT 500

Clients usually come to me when:
-they feel stuck in repetitive negative patterns in their life and/or in their relationships
-they feel overwhelmed/out of control/trauma and want to better handle their anxieties/emotional reactivities
-they feel burnt-out and drained of their passion, energy, and direction in life and seek to ignite their fire
-they want to make improvements in their life, but feel overwhelmed/confused about where to begin
-they know the changes they need to make, however, they need some motivation and positivity to get started

If any of the above sounds like you, then I invite you to contact me today so that we can assess what is needed to get you started successfully on a path that is supporitve to your unique needs and visions.

I support you with a soul-inspired teaching style that is nonjudgmental and compassonate and yet hold you accountable and on track to success. I take pride in uplifting your sprit and in helping you infuse positivity and passion in your daily life. I am empathetic and intuitive, knowing when to encourage you to work harder and also guide you when to preserve your energy and efforts.

To learn about your coaching options, visit:
14 Years In Practice
Primary Specialty

Spiritual Counseling

Practice Sustainable Wellness
Gender Female
Education College of Purna Yoga

Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher

Catalyst Practitioner

Institute for Integrative Nutrition
Certification Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher

Board certified member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners;

Holistic Health Counselor Certification from the INSTITUTE FOR INTEGRATIVE NUTRITION, Manhattan, NY ;

Holistic Health Counselor Certification from COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY TEACHERS COLLEGE

Payment Options Cash, check, paypal
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Saturday:By Appt.
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Services I offer online Zoom coaching sessions every week to a global community of clients. Coaching services include:

Trauma is marked by a loss of connection to ourselves, our bodies, our families, others, and even the environment and situation around us. Therefore, the healing of trauma requires restoring a sense of connection, aliveness, flexibility of solutions/responses, and grounded self-regulation that does not involve unconscious acting out. The Individual Resilience program is designed to provide a customized space for learning resilience-based somatic and relational skills. Individuals can address their unique issues and focus on their unique goals.

You’re either making soul-aligned choices that empower you to move through the painful and dark experiences of past/present trauma or you are making choices that are not aligned with your soul that disempower you and disconnect you further from yourself and the world around you. Your ability to feel empowered, grounded, aligned, principled, and clear in your life and about your choices are what the Soul Justice coaching sessions are about. In every session we’ll work together by bringing awareness to unconscious behaviors/thoughts/patterns that stem from your shadow side while assessing your relationship to the impact of socio-political trauma that are ready to shift and release at a soul level.

Whether you are seeking to create long-lasting and deeper connections with people in your life like a significant other or a family member/friends/co-workers, Imago communication tools will teach you how to get out of your own way so that you can be a more effective and empathetic communicator with people in your life. Learn how to become effective at creating stronger and more productive relationships through your words, tone, and language. Conscious communication coaching services are for those of us who seek to learn and practice how to communicate effectively to inspire the desired results in both personal and professional relationships.

Heartful Meditation, energy meditation, pranayama, kriyas, and tapping/EFT:
In your private guided meditation sessions, I will teach you a series of meditation practices designed to calm your nervous system, enhance and optimize brain function, de-stress your mind, and release stagnant/blocked energy from the body so that you learn how to align your mind, body, and heart towards co-creating a positive life experience moment to moment.

To book your private session/program or ask questions, contact me to discuss the details prior to your first class, and let her know what class you are interested in.

Each private session is 60-90 minutes. Sliding scale fee is available for those with low income. Session prices vary from $75-$179, depending on minutes and program type.

For more information visit: For the best experience in meditation and yoga in Atlanta, GA call Sonali at 678-596-1688.
Additional Services Life Coach,
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I have known Sonali for years and her core personality is one of humility and servant leadership as a teacher. Her teaching style is very nurturing and intuitive in supporting student needs while creating a very safe learning environment. Many areas of my life have improved under Sonali’s instruction. Her yoga classes are very well organized as she provides a flow of instruction guiding student experience. Special need requests are accommodated as the class progresses to the end with calming closure. Sonali demonstrates great mastery over the material and is able to clarify learning for students with questions. I always learn something new or am reminded of something I had forgotten. She consistently meets my expectations of creating a wonderful class experience.

Another area of personal growth I have experienced under Sonali’s teaching involves communication and relationship building skills. She has extensive training in this area and is highly effective teaching it. Under her instruction, students learn how to create emotional safe space that is real and non-threating while building deeper trust. As a result of sessions with Sonali, I have successfully incorporated new skills into my life and have enhanced the quality and satisfaction of my relationships. One specific practice called mirroring was especially helpful to me. I was in a conversation that was quickly escalating with stressful comments and counter-comments alternating between being accusing then defensive. I remembered the mirroring skill and focused specifically on repeating what the other party was telling me. Feeling heard instead of feeling defensive, quickly de-escalated the tension between us. A conversation that was heading for unresolved disaster redeemed itself with a healthy mutual understanding. Sonali’s communication training works in the real world and I highly recommend it.
by Jim McPhail
August 19, 2019
First, without even considering her business or her work, Sonali herself is a genuine person that anyone automatically warms up to as soon as they meet her. She's also one of those people who will go one step further than most to help others achieve their goals. Her generosity showed when she believed in the first annual FTM Fitness Conference (now TransFitCon) in 2014 and offered a free yoga bootcamp and nutrition workshop. The feedback we received was so amazing that we asked her if she could join us again for the second year and she did. Not only did she teach yoga and nutrition specifically related to the Trans individual, but she also attended other events and activities. It's safe to assume that she's now a part of the FitCon family and enjoys every single opportunity to learn more about the Trans community so that she can tailor her skills to help them on a deeper level.

Neo L. Sandja
FTM Fitness World
by Neo
September 20, 2016
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