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the life is a some promise fulfil it !
Posted 3 months ago by Deepika Rajapaksa
As a Chiropractor it is my goal to help people live a more mobile, energetic and over all healthier lifestyle.
Posted 3 months ago by Charity George D.C
cI use cognitive behavior therapy. It is appropriate for a wide range of conditions. I have excellent results in treating anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder and depression. I use a modified cognitive behavior therapy when treating couples. The therapy has been quite effective when treating couples. I have also been effective using hypnotherapy.

I have taught therapy skills for 27 years. In addition, I have been in private practice for the last 10 years. I have worked in a multitherapist environment during my private practice years. A portion of my practice included working as a psychologist in a physical rehabilitaion treatment center.

I have a very wide range of experience. I have a very wide range of patient conditions. The feedback I have received from my patients indicated that they find me welcoming and effective.
Posted 4 months ago by Dr. Harold Miller
My goal is to exceed my patients' orthodontic expectations with a great final result. To make a positive change in both children's and adults' lives is personally very gratifying
Posted 6 months ago by Rick Wright, Orthodontic Specialist
I am emerging into a new career of holistic medicine. I have found that some of the healthiest , happiest, some how closest to Zen was when I have helped others, and felt the forgiveness to myself for the times I was lost and in need. There is not greater gift than one that you can share humbly. I just found this website and I'm hoping to be able to share my new journey and possibly be touched or guided through the accomplishments of others,
Posted 8 months ago by Stacy Shannessy
When I was introduced to massage therapy, I was getting weekly migraines and daily headaches from what doctors could only diagnose as "stress". After trying every drug in the pharmacy for it and seeing multiple specialists, I was given a prescription to help teach me how to relax. Not only has massage brought balance to my life, but was able to stop my frequent migraines.

With so much pulling at our time, I recommend at least 1hour a month, not just for muscle release or decrease in pain, but to take a breather mentally as I did. It brought balance and peace of mind to my hectic schedule and my life. It's seems like such a small thing, yet has profound effects when we allow ourselves to stop.....meditate on our blessings, and just feel stress leave for a bit.
Posted 1 year ago by Alesha
In order to be consistent we need take one day at a time in order to change our you want a different outcome then you must accept that what you've been doing up until now is not working, so you must make a change. The only person that can change your life is you.
My motto Surrender your Spirit,..... Renew your Mind...... Love your Body is what keep me going and the Grace of God.
To decrease your risk of disease, be healthy, and look good and feel good then it's time to accept that working out must be part of your daily routine. Stay consistent.
Posted 2 years ago by Shellyann
Positive thoughts lead to happier people
Posted 2 years ago by Wendy B
donate your time to the service of others
Posted 3 years ago by Love matters
It's proven!!! Motivational conversations are just what we need to achieve our goals. I created a Page to connect with people that want to get help to achieve a healthier lifestyle.
Posted 3 years ago by coachjessica