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Posted by Lisa Stallings
Has anyone here had the gastric bypass surgery? Or need graphic skin removal?
Posted by Nanlouise
I love hearing all of these tips.
It is fun to support each other.
Posted by kaliedra
Eating well has cleared up the inflammation that was causing my lower back pain and my husband's arthritis so we can move freely and be more active. I have so much more energy that I look forward to 5am workouts every day!
Posted by Jennifer Toledo
Eating healthier is helping with my endometriosis
Posted by Arlisa Hampton
I believe that eating healthy will eliminate some of my weight that is pulling on my stomach causing my back, hip and knees severe pain.
Posted by John Valenty
First rule of eating healthier is to follow the advice of famous centurion George Burns...

"Eat Half"
Posted by carenlee
He that takes medicine and neglects diet, wastes the skill of the physician."\n- Chinese Proverb\n\nOur bodies are our gardens - our wills are our gardeners.\n– William Shakespeare\n\nA moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.\n– Anon\n\n"To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art."\n- La Rochefoucaul
Posted by Lisa M.
I've decided to cut out all the fast food simply because I always feel guilty after. I feel that if I want to live a healthier, more active lifestyle I must change the way I diet. So my plan is to have a fit and healthy lifestyle, also slimming down wouldn't hurt. \n\nIt's going to be a challenge given the fact that I love burgers and fries, italian food and starbucks.
Posted by Carol A
I have started following the Weight Watchers Program and have lost 18 pounds in the past three weeks. Think I'll try to stay on this one. It's easy and it works.\nMy goal is to get down to 150 pounds by August 26, 2011 when my youngest daughter will be getting married.
Posted by ornurse27
I love to eat and its so hard to love stuff like carrots instead of cheetos they are both orange right. Choosing a salad over a yummy cheeseburger is so hard. I need advice support well anything. Has anyone found great healthy foods that taste yummy too.
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