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Posted by Nancy Leigh
Wellness starts for me with trying to be a better person each day. To become my best self, I think I (or anyone) should fist know who you are --- the real you, the real me. The expectations of other people can really hold us back from that. We're often so worried about how those we love --- or people in general --- will think of what we do with our lives, the choices that we make. Once we break through all of that, embrace our purpose and truly listen to the voice inside, that is a big step toward being our best selves. That leads ultimately to living a happier and healthier life!
Posted by Robert Kienitz
The first question that springs from most of our patients is “which meditation or Qigong practice is best”? The answer to that is whichever one you find that you like enough to make a daily practice out of. It does no good to learn esoteric and complicated meditation techniques and Qigong forms if you are not inclined to practice them. I advise again the middle way. Find something that is simple and enjoyable and that can be done within a reasonable time on a daily basis.
Posted by Jennifer Mansur
The best you can do is be the best you!
Posted by Elizabeth Mng
I need peace.
Posted by Alameda Counseling Associates
Here is my thought for today:
Right now I am trying to be in a place of calm, a place where I can chill out and then handle the chaos of life better. You don't just get it overnight; you have to work at it. It's a daily struggle.
Jackee Harry
Posted by Melody Lyn
Wellness starts with the lifestyle you choose. Mind, body, and spirit. Having direction in each areas of our being is a great accomplishment. The spirit man is a big influence over the mind and body. The spirit that dwells inside us leads us. So when we get off track our spirit convicts us to get back onto the right track. To stay in the race of life. Be in it to win and throw off every hindrance that is keeping you from being the best you can be\n.
Posted by Love matters
focusing only on one's self is not a step in the right direction
Posted by SevenWellness
Day by day I learn to become my best self. I am constantly re-inventing myself. I am doing this for myself, my family and the people I am blessed to work with. It's amazing how much you can learn about yourself when you stop, listen and apply what you have learned. One of the best things I have picked up along the way is that today is whatever I MAKE IT. I decide daily that it will be the best day ever, even on the tough days because another day above ground is a gift. Chris Knight
Posted by MsVsad
That is my pursuit, to take care of myself. I've spent so much time reaching out and caring about others that I've not paid attention to where I was headed health wise (mental, physical & spiritual). I am particularly concerned with the topic of mental health and the mishandling of prescribing medications. This is an issue affecting many in my family, many whom I've tried to help and relied upon Dr's advice with handling those I care about through the misleading information (giving the healthcare professional the benefit of the doubt) sold to them by the pharmaceutical industry. Much damage has been done.
Posted by katthurston
helping others helps me come closer to becoming my best self.
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