Remember to take more deep breaths throughout the day

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In my everyday living I have to remember ventilation to breath deeply in my sleep, awakening,daily routines, fitness workouts, and all other activities. Thoughout the day it is important to not hold your <url removed> to inhale and exhale your breaths. It's healthly it brings great wellness and life to your whole body.
Posted 2 years ago by
Taking a few moments during a stressful situation for several deep breaths slows your heart rate and helps your mind to slow down and wrap itself around the best outcome.
Posted 4 years ago by Kristen Davis LMP
By taking more deep breaths, I am increasing my oxygen levels into my blood stream and creating more energy. \nI'm also releasing stress on the out breath.
Posted 6 years ago by RealSeeker
Taking deep breaths cleanses the body, emphasis should be on the conscious exhale, inhaling should be a matter of course.
Posted 6 years ago by Azure6
Thank you Diana Lang for this reminder. I'm going to make it a top pursuit until I remember to breath more deeply on my own!
Posted 7 years ago by John Valenty