Washington Center for Aging Services

Washington Center for Aging Services
Washington Center for Aging Services 2601 18th St NE Washington, DC 20018
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3.5 star average for Service
4 star average for Environment
3.5 star average for Expertise
4 star average for Staff
3.5 star average for Recommended
2 star average for Value
Bad service, bugs and bad food!!! Mother waits hours to use bathroom or be changed! Some Africans are very rude! Items stolen from mother several times and nothing is done! There are a few people who are very nice. One young African guy helped her a lot and was falsely accused of stealing and moved to another floor. Lady over him did not like him helping so much! When I complained, they did good for a while and later went back to same old ways. My so-called sister threw her in this place because tired of taking care of her after moving her out of her good apartment! Her health got worse after moving!
My mom is there now and I am trying my hardest to get her out of there. My mom don't get baths, her room is always dirty, every time you call the nurses station you are automatic switch to the guard booth because no one answers and they leave her in the bed all day. When I come she's in bed with untouched breakfast and lunch trays. No one there excepts responsibility for anything. My mom now has a sore on her ankle that is draining puss.I asked the nurse there and she knew nothing about it. Between myself and 2 sisters we been cleaning it because no one there have.
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Was this senior care facility easy to locate?
Absolutely! It couldn't have been easier!
Were you able to get all of your questions answered while you were at this senior care facility?
Was this senior care facility's staff friendly?
Would you recommend this senior care facility to others?
Did the staff at this senior care facility ever take personal phone calls when they were supposed to be helping you?
No, they've never taken personal calls with me
The nursing assistants were very rude and unprofessional. I even saw them be abusive with some of the patients. The only good part about the whole building was the rehab department, which are not even a part of the same company.
Did the staff at this senior care facility ever take personal phone calls when they were supposed to be helping you?
Yes! They took a personal call right in front of me. I found it to be incredibly rude.
Was it easy to find parking at this senior care facility?
No, I had to pay for parking!
Was this senior care facility's staff friendly?
Not one bit
How would you compare this senior care facility to other senior care facilities you have visited?
The worst I have seen
Did this senior care facility prominently display their credentials or business license?
No, I never saw one
Does the provider's staff try to be helpful?
Did you feel like this provider's office was sufficiently staffed?
Was the waiting area spacious enough?
Does this provider use current and safe equipment?
No; the equipment needs to be updated
Does this provider always take that extra step to make you feel special?
Never, I've been going here forever and they can't even remember my name
How would you compare this provider to others in his/her field that you have visited?
The worst I have seen
Does this provider offer any coupons, discounts or promotions?
Never. I don't think they care about helping their clients save money
Was this provider's staff friendly?
No, they were rude
Were you able to get answers to simple questions from this provider without scheduling an appointment?
Not at all! I had to schedule an appointment for absolutely everything!
Were the restrooms well-stocked at this provider's office?
Yes, they were well-stocked
Is this business in a safe neighborhood?
Yes, it was in a safe enough neighborhood
When comparing them to others in their field, I would say they are by far the worst I have ever seen. I will never return. They are very unsanitary, very unprofessional people. There are rats in this home, mice running overhead in the ceilings at night. They are always short of help. They make for sure when the surveyors come to inspect them they have more than enough people. After they leave they are back to the same mess. I wouldn't leave my dog here with these people. Their staff is rude, they serve these people the worse food I have ever seen. Just unbelievable, I refuse to stand by and watch what these people to helpless elderly. They get people up 5 and 6 am so the first shift wouldn't have to much to do when they get there. Where are these people going early in the morning? What makes it soo bad these people are stuck in wheelchairs ALL DA LONG, until after dinner unchanged, sitting in their on feces, it's neglect. They don't have baths everyday, they leave one nursing assistant in the solarium to feed 15 people. This place has lost a lot of good people, nurses, cna's, dept heads and all that's left is the bottom of the barrel who are over worked and under payed. Someone else is running this show, he took over, cut everyone's pay, and ran this place in the ground. It is a shame, this nursing home is like some 3rd world type stuff. The channel 7 News Crew was there yesterday to asksome of the employees what is going on with how they are being treated and the Administration told the staff they would fire them if they talk to news media. We have freedom of speech, we can say whatever we want off of someone's timeclock. They need to tell everything. Its not safe especially at night, one of the people that work there her SUV was stolen right out of the parking lot while the security guard slept.
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