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Alpha First Dental 818 North 4th Street Longview, TX 75601
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They barely answered any of my questions at all. I need a whole lot more information before I'd go back. My overall experience with this provider was not very good. I was overcharged and they acted like I was an idiot when I provided the proof of my overpayment. After paying a good amount of money for a root canal i have black staining on my tooth. Will not be returning.
by Danny XXX.XXX.0.68
This is place is TERRIBLE! Where should I begin? The first appointment was wonderful! The whole staff was friendly & made you feel extremely comfortable. I was very pleased. Now, fast forward to the next time my children were to be seen for their 6 month cleaning. They didn't even attempt to take 2 seconds to try & clean their teeth, they just "gave up". They spotted a cavity. That's fine, a simple filling. So I schedule the appointment saying I do NOT want them being taken to the hospital to be put under for a cavity. Just a little back story, my kids have had grandmal seizures caused by fever & unknown. At this time, they took medicine to prevent them. I have nearly buried my children numerous times & was NOT comfortable with the thought of them being put to sleep. Apparently, the female dentist who was to perform this procedure couldn't grasp why I preferred the gas with conscious sedation. She would very snidely say, "You know this could be done at the hospital".. Over & over.. I would ignore her for the simple fact that my child was loopy & although I am usually quick to call a hand, I was acting civil for my child's sake. The whole time I heard that it would be easier at the hospital. I was very annoyed but the problem was taken care of. Fast forward another 6 months, we are back for a cleaning. The other kiddo has a cavity starting. I scheduled the appointment. We went in the following week at 9:50 for the 10 am appointment. I set in the waiting room, annoyed, reassured over & over by the super unfriendly staff that was treating me like I was a problem, that I would be next, while they were steadily calling everyone else back. I was frustrated! It's now 11:30, we get called back. Mind you I work in the hospital. I understand things happen. So 11:30, we go back. They do vitals, we wait. And wait. FINALLY the female dentist walks in! She is drawing up the sedation medicine when low & behold, snide remarks about how it could be done in the hospital. I looked at her & said, "Most definitely NOT!". We finally get in the room & they say just 20 minutes. Okay, no biggie. Next thing I know, the hygienist wonders off. It sounds like a major commotion of everyone eating lunch. To top it off, they took back a child of their friends, thinking this lady worked there, and started working on her while we waited. At this point I'm annoyed but hold my tongue. About an hour later, the lady dentist walks in & says, "Oh. I've been checking but he isn't asleep so I haven't come in". Excuse me? I was told to keep him up but not let him walk around. It is now 2 pm. 4 hours later. In walks an oriental dentist & within 30 minutes, everything is done. Needless to say, after over 5 hours of sitting around waiting, because I would NOT do what they felt was best for MY children, we were free. The staffs attitude changed from friendly & nice to treating me like dirt under their feet because I didn't do what they wanted me too. Why do they accept children as patients if they have ZERO patience for them? Long story short, I will NEVER step foot back into that office again. I will tell everyone to AVOID them.
by One pissed off Mom XXX.XXX.153.156
They ignored my questions and my appointment seemed rushed. Their staff was not friendly at all, I didn't feel welcome there. I feel like my appointment was pointless. None of my questions were answered, nothing was accomplished, and I felt worse when I left. I also left with one tooth missing from the front of my mouth. I went in to get help and left crying. I was told that by doing the root canal I would save my tooth but HE lied. The RUSH that all the dentist are in to make as much MONEY as they over booking and allowing walk ins when they have customer who make appts is their down fall. I am left trying to get a dental implant because of what Dr Anthony did. He performed the wrong kind of root canal and now I am devastated because of a missing front tooth. Im so embarrassed. DO your research before going to this dentist. The staff is RUDE and very un professional. I wanted them to make it right but they didnt.
by Kathryn Wilson XXX.XXX.33.101
My son had a very traumatic experience at another office. While the front staff is young and needs additional training the drs are great! The front staff appears to be tired of everyone who walks in. The drs are kind to my child and to me. I continue to go to them I can get over some bratty 20somethings for a good dr.
by Darla McCorkle XXX.XXX.150.193
I have received satisfactory service in the past although I am not a fan of this office. The waiting room and overall atmosphere is disturbing and today i waited over an hour for my appointment before requesting my refund and leaving. (they ask you to pay when you arrive) When I did request my refun there were no questions asked, no explanation and no apology - nor did the staff attempt to reschedule. I would not recommend this office.
by forreal89 XXX.XXX.1.151
The waiting room here is spacious. I never feel like I have to sit too close to someone or that it is overcrowded. The toothpaste they used during my cleaning tasted great. It made the experience that much better. They make no effort to make me feel special. I don't think they appreciate my loyalty to them. Their office was a little too loud. It wasn't unbearably loud but it was starting to hurt my ears. Let me just say that the chairs in their waiting room are quite comfortable. Its nice that they care about patient comfort. The staff at the front desk was not professional . I had a 1 pm Appt and appeared that all the walk in were seen first.
This will probably be my last visit. The business model appears to be good,however, the staff up front is very inadequate.
by dale XXX.XXX.15.27
They have a very good professional reputation. I know that I'm under the care of an expert. One thing I noticed about their office was how absolutely fantastic it smelled. They must clean or sanitize all the time. The one thing that I really enjoy about this place is their high level of customer service. Their full attention is always on me and they never take personal calls during my appointment.
by Shanika H XXX.XXX.128.114
Walking into any dentist office has always been a frightening thing, you think about the sound of the drills, and other instruments running in the background. Most dental, medical, or any type of office can make you feel so out of place and uncomfortable, starting with the lobby. At Alpha First Dental their lobby is comfortable and down-right homey. My husband is in the process of having his teeth pulled and plans on getting dentures in their place, they have made every effort in making him comfortable at each appointment. I have other medical problems, and would not do anything above a cleaning on my teeth until they got the okay from my Nephrologists (Kidney Dr). They definitely care about their patients and go that extra step to make you feel comfortable.
by meljo625 XXX.XXX.81.59
This was my first visit and I am undecided if I would refer any of my friends or family here. I recently switched dentist because my grand-daughter had a bad experience with the other dentist we were using. I do like the fact that she and I can be treated at the same place and so far on the same day.
by Valeria XXX.XXX.16.44
One of the first things I noticed about this business was how many different areas of the building were handicap-accessible. I have been to other places where I couldn't tell how someone in a wheelchair could even enter, but they really spent a lot of time to accommodate people with all different needs. I'm usually somewhat sensitive to the cold, so I was a little worried that their office would be too cold, but it was fine. I was very comfortable the entire time. They always take that extra step to make me feel special. I always enjoy my appointments here. It's very reassuring to know that they are recommended by other dentists. It gives me confidence that I'm going to a professional. Their prices were very fair. The level of care you get for the price is outstanding.
by MWG XXX.XXX.40.60