Iroquois Nursing Home

Iroquois Nursing Home
Iroquois Nursing Home 4600 Southwood Heights Dr
Jamesville, NY 13078

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A relative spent a month in post-stroke rehab. They were competent at first but we had big issues 1) they refused to notify Cardiologist and primary care physician of their changed medication and EVER YTHING ELSE (scary!), 2) staff could be kind but some were rude, shouting, and disrespectful when they thought family was gone (verbal abuse at the least, nothing physical), 3) ignored patient complaint of urinary infection (had to sick our family attorney on them just to get antibiotics), 4) promised to set up post-discharge meals-on-wheels (never did), 5) never provided a tooth brush, paste, or did any oral care for 13 days til patient complained of tooth discomfort (are they nuts?), and 6) ended up sending their bill with personal information to a friend of the patient (she was utterly bewildered by this!) not the family members on record. These folks are okay if you watch them like a hawk but don't expect promises to be kept. Monitor every detail and hold them accountable.
by Harry Daniels
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by Anonymous
They gave me no information at all. The receptionist was not that friendly'at all; she didn't help me. I was visiting nursing homes to find a suitable one for my 92 year old aunt. I was informed that they do not do tours as the place is a private home to people but I was welcome to submit an application on line. We visited four other homes that day and each welcomed us and gave us a tour without an appointment. I later called to speak with someone about their attutude and philosophy but was told that people were busy - receptionist guading the gate if you will. I eliminated them from my list as I question their attitude toward customer service and what they were afraid I would see..
by Goober
My mom was diagnosed with Stage IV ovarian cancer which had spread to many parts of her body in February 2009 She was 82 years old. A total hysterectomy was done as well as a partial hip replacemenr . When she was well enough, she was transferred to St. Camillus, where she received good care and physical rehab. She was given two treatments of chemo and was doing quite well when suddenly the end of April she developed a terrible infection (*sepsis) and was re-admitted to the hospital for approximately 6 weeks at the end of which time it was determined that she was not responding to the chemo and it was decided between family/doctors that it would be best to go with comfort care. Thus, she was admitted to Iroquois on June10. Her health declined rapidly. Someone in the family was there to see her everyday. I read up on the stages of death in a terminally ill patient and she exhibited all of these. When my brother visited her on Saturday June 20, at 5 PM her door was closed and he was told it was to let her sleep. At that point she was kind of in a semi-comatose state. He left about 5:30 and at 7:30 that same evening he received a phone call that she had died. We are at peace knowing that she no longer is suffering, but very upset with the fact that she had to die alone. I feel that the staff on the palliative care unit should have recognized these signs and told him that she probably had only a few minutes or hours to live, so that we all could have been there by her side. I'm so sorry that she had to pass without us there by her side.
by Millie
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