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Try to find another dentist. Be sure to read other reviews. Do some research. This dentist works the system through medicaid. I asked about caps and partials and he told me my medical would not cover them. The only other option for me was to deal with the 7 teeth I had, or have them pulled. He even asked medicaid to approve removing my bottom teeth. I have fillings, but do have all my bottom teeth. nothing else is wrong with them. He also has you sign a paper about talking to you about other options before he will help. I had all 7 teeth pulled only to find out medicaid would pay for a partial! Also, the whole process is taking almost 10 months. If you need dentures you will have to wait a total of more than 6 months. I had to have my parents help get teeth so I didn't have to wait. I can't find work because no one wants a person without teeth to work in an office with the public. GET A SECOND OPPINION; EVEN BETTER FIND ANOTHER DENTIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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by Cassie XXX.XXX.45.142
The staff were doing the best they could, but the dentist was a NIGHTMARE. He pulled three wisdom teeth on my new customer exam appointment without giving me time to plan a ride home. He waited until the numbing he'd applied was starting to wear off, then gave me a very brief cursory teeth cleaning while chatting with some friend of his who was trying to sell him a car. It was very painful and rough and my teeth still need to be cleaned afterwards but my insurance does not cover more than one a year. THEN he pulled the wisdom teeth (while yelling at his staff the whole while) dislocated my jaw on accident, left shards of tooth in my gums, and used a lever and no other tool so it was again very painful. My mouth was not rinsed during the procedure enough and gunk and dust was all over my tongue and throat and I was gagging on it and he ignored my distress. He also interrogated me on my teeth cleaning habits while my mouth was full of equipment and accused me of lying to him (but I could hardly say my own name let alone respond to him! How could I possibly lie to him?) They gave me after care information for a basic tooth pulling, which did not nearly prepare me for the two weeks of recovery that ensued. I had to relocate my own jaw. By the time I left the office for this first visit, the numbing had completely worn off and my eyes were streaming with the pain of it, and then I had to ride two buses home. I would NEVER GO again, but it appears he's the only dentist in kitsap county that takes medicaid. If being on medicaid makes me somehow deserving of this treatment, then I am surely a second class citizen.
by Skalla XXX.XXX.23.42
I took my special needs daughter Charm to 16 dentist to have her wisdom teeth removed, ABC was the only one's who would help her. Dr. just numbed her and talked her through it.... never thought she would sit in that chair & then hug him when he was done!!!!!! Mind blowing!!!
Not only were they able to provide everything they promised me, they went above and beyond and exceeded my expectations. I like to keep records of everything I spend, so I was planning on asking them for an invoice for my procedure, but they gave me one before I even had to ask. I was impressed with their professionalism. Although I have never had much to complain about I know that they always adhere to the customer is always right policy here. They take every complaint very seriously and strive to ensure that clients leave satisfied with their visit each and every time. They always make an extra effort to make me feel respected and attended to. They always listen to every question or concern I may have. They always have an immediate answer for me when I call with a question. They would never try to get me to make an appointment unless I really needed one.
by Charm's Mom XXX.XXX.5.57
The dentist was friendly enough. The staff was friendly, but the dentist was not so much when it came to the removal of one tooth. I was screaming and crying, trying to tell him I was in pain, but he told me that it was only a little pressure. He didn't really seem to care that I was screaming and flailing around, trying to get him to remove his hand from my mouth. I have already warned everyone I know not to go here. See a different dentist unless you want a horrible experience. The waiting room here is spacious. I never feel like I have to sit too close to someone or that it is overcrowded. I was in excruciating pain during my procedure. They had absolutely no compassion for me.
by Justine XXX.XXX.84.102
I have been going to this Dentist for ten years and they are awesome! They do everything that other offices do at half of the cost AND they go out of their way to provide care to people who need serious work done.


by anothermother XXX.XXX.104.81
I am a young autistic adult, I needed my wisdom teeth out. I saw 16 dentist and none would help me and just sent me to the next, in till I found ABC Dental. They always go above and beyond to make sure I understand every single detail about my dental procedures. The Dr. looked in my eyes the whole time and talked me through it all. I'm always able to get all my questions answered, and I'm never nervous about starting a procedure. They are always prepared for my appointment and remember everything about me. They were so happy to answer each and every question I had. They also encouraged me to call if I need any more answers in the future. It was really nice of them to make sure that the water they used to rinse my mouth was at a comfortable temperature. In fact, it was the perfect temperature. I really appreciated them making that extra effort to make me comfortable. They go out of their way to make everyone feel equally respected and cared for. I've seen client favoritism at some of the other places I've been, and I really appreciate the extra effort they make to avoid that here.
by Charmaine XXX.XXX.151.195
This is the second time I have had to visit this Dentist. The staff and Dentist are all professional. They got me in both times within days of my emergency. I am a baby about mouth pain and the Dentist made sure that I was totally numb before working on my tooth. I recommend them for anyone.
by Rachel XXX.XXX.174.104
I was so amazed by the care and compassion this dentist was. He treated my daughter and I with so much respect and dignity, we have not experienced this in the past. My daughter has been frightened of the dentist for years and I have avoided them because of pain and absolute rudeness at other dentist. I read some reveiws prior to taking my daughter who was in severe pain, and I was not happy with some of the reveiws, boy are they wrong, the dentist is willing to make payment arriangments, he explains what he is doing, he is kind, gental and did prescribe pain percocet meds and antibiotics. I think a lot of people look at this dentist as serving low income and that they will be treated like dirt. not true!!!!!!! If you are drug seeking, dont go to him, if you make a payment arraingment please pay so people like us can continue to be offered a payment plan. My daughter made herb follow up appointment which she has never done, she has been back 2 times and the staff is helping us with a way to try to get medicare to pay for the rest of her treatments. Thank you Dr. Barakhshan for being such a wonderful, knowledgeable, kind compassionate dentist, there needs to be more people like you in this world. Thank you to the office manager, she was such a nice person on explaining dental ins to me.
by Laura XXX.XXX.201.97
I told the dentist that my partial denture did not fit properly and the pressure was too great on the bridge that the wire hooked around. I told the dentist this, as I am a dental lab tech by profession. I was ignored on this. My bridge loosened and came out. I was told I would have to pay (out of pocket, I have no insurance) $125 to get the bridge re-cemented. When I went for my appointment to have it re-cemented in, they charged me $250 and told me that its because it was a bridge and it counted as two teeth. The partial denture that was made for me was very poorly made and the quality of products used was very poor. I also asked for an itemized invoice statement for tax deduction purposes and I have not received it yet. I asked in January 2012. Here it is April 2012. I'm extremely displeased with ABC Dental Care and I advise that if you choose to do business with this dental service, be cautious. Take this as a fair word of warning.
by Teresa XXX.XXX.70.85