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After dealing with a terrible tooth pain for weeks, I could no longer bear it and just gave in to see an emergency dentist. The pain is so bad and throbbing that even Vicodin isn't helping! I called my insurance company this morning to verify that they were in network and this one was close-ish to where I lived so I said,"Why not?". My dental insurance gives me up to 2K annually and I've got some pretty wonderful coverage.

As I was waiting in the waiting room, I was reading other reviews on other sites (and believe me, I work in the service industry and I know when those 5-star reviews are from the company or their employees to make them look good... it's sickeningly obvious). After a longer wait than I'd like (I wasn't too surprised, I did call ahead, but was still unexpected for them... so I understood), and when I got in the room, the nurse or hygienist, or whoever she was didn't have the most firm grasp on the English language, but I didn't so much mind that as much as completely uninterested and disconcerting she seemed as I was explaining my agony. The staff seems to be of epic failure.

I brought my own X-rays from my former dentist and she said I needed new ones. Later saying she wouldn't charge me for the X-rays (I demanded to get that in writing, but alas, they didn't follow through). After consulting with the actual dentist (who was very nice and very professional), a simple extraction is all I need and they said I could be in and out in as little as 45 minutes. Cool, right? The agony will be over soon!

I asked to see how much (if anything) the procedure would cost me out of pocket and they slam me with a whopping $300 bucks I need to pay right there out of pocket! I had an emergency ROOT CANAL done, didn't have to pay anything out of pocket on the spot, and the bill was sent to me and it didn't even cost me that much. Oh? I'm supposed to believe that my insurance would only cover $50? Yes, I get 2k of annual coverage, and I only have to pay 20% of procedures out of pocket... last time I checked, your basic extraction doesn't cost you $1500 overall! What an utter rip off! I hadn't used any of my coverage this year, so why the steep fee?

I explained this to the hygienist I had (who presented me this monstrosity) and all she kept saying (and I quote) "When you don't use the coverage you lose it. You didn't use coverage last year, it doesn't roll over".... So, darling... What part of I haven't used any of THIS YEAR'S coverage don't you understand!? She came back to the room with a prescription of 400mg of ibuprofen which I gave back to her stating that even if my big girl vicodins aren't doing a damn thing for it, idly biddy ibuprofen won't. I called my insurance company and they told me to BOLT out of there and NEVER look back. Seriously, when I went to another office afterwards and when I told them where I came from, everyone in the office shuddered and asked how I made it out with all my limbs as well as my wallet.

So overall:
Office cleanliness and overall atmosphere? - s'okay.
Front office staff: Pretty good... not overly rude, but did have a genuine look of wanting to be somewhere else.
Hygienist: EPIC FAIL.
Dentist: Excellent... He shouldn't be there.
Pricing: EPIC EPIC FAIL. The most outrageous pricing in a sub-par dentists office I've ever seen. WTF.
by Captain Awesome
by Anonymous
I would Not recommend this dental provider to anyone. Due to my insurance I had to change dentists so I chose Coast Dental. Upon arriving at my first appointment I had to wait for 30 minutes. When I went back to get x-rays, the technician started bad mouthing my previous dentist. Then the dentist came in and began to tell me her whole life story, how her x-dental husband cheated on her with his secretary, and how she was dating a man, blah, blah, blah. It was very unprofessional! Then to top it off, they didn't even clean my teeth. They made me make another appointment for cleaning. I have been there 2 times for cleanings and that was enough for me. My hygenist was friendly, but she was going to charge me $42 dollars for flouride and my insurance covers it. Then she proceeded to try and sell me special mouth wash because my gums started bleeding when she flossed them. Of course they are going to bleed when you are picking at them with <url removed> and the charge a $5.00 OSHA fee. I have never had to pay for and OSHA fee at any dentist I have ever been to. I walked out all 3 times totally dissatisfied and am currently looking into finding a new dentist.
by Totally Dissatisfied
by Anonymous
by Anonymous
by Anonymous
My daughter went there and they did not get preauthorize for the cleaning even though they set up the appointment so now they want me to pay for the part that should have been covered. My insurance declined to pay for the covered part because they didn't call to say they were going to do it.

I sent them a letter with the documentation from my insurance but they are still just sending me a new bill.

I wouldn't use them unless want to get ripped off.

Off to find a new dentist.
by angry in cape coral