Miriam Sivkin, MD

Miriam Sivkin, MD
Milford Ob-Gyn Assoc 247 Broad St, Southern Ct Womens Health
Milford, CT 06460

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3.5 star average for Service
4 star average for Environment
4 star average for Expertise
4 star average for Staff
3.5 star average for Recommended
2 star average for Value
Not only can you absolutely understand what the doctor saying he's also standing in place while conversing with you!!!
by Alie
I don't know what's going on with Dr. Sivkin's office, I'm finding a new doctor! She is getting rid of her friendly staff who has always been very kind and helpful; she goes through co-physicians yearly, I think Dr. Sivkin can't get along with anyone she hires, and her newest physician treats patients and the staff like dirt under her feet! I wasn't fully respected when I saw the new doctor who acted like she's all high and mighty and apparently she's just out of medical school. I want someone with more experience, and much friendlier to patients and the staff who fill her appointments! Dr Sivkin talks so fast I can't understand what she's trying to tell me about my results, and she was very rude to her own staff, in front of the patients in the front area. I think she wants to pay as few people as possible, and make her staff run in circles trying to do things all at once. I had to wait 50 minutes for staff to make phone calls for me cause Dr Sivkin said I need to see a specialist at Yale. Her staff would have helped me quickly, but Dr Sivkin didn't give them all the information about my results so they could make an efficient phone call to a specialist. The office phones kept ringing so the staff was constantly interrupted. Then other patients were leaving and needed follow up appointments, so again the staff was interrupted and everything was crazy there. I felt really bad for the staff who was working hard, while one doctor, Fran sat in the back on her lap top, and Dr Sivkin was drinking a Pepsi or something. The doctors are pretty harsh. I also don't understand why they don't update their waiting room. The saggy sofas look like they're 30 years old! Dr Sivkin made me come back too many times for simple results she could've just phoned me about, but she refuses to make calls about any results - good or bad - and I had to keep shelling out expensive co-pays. The staff work hard, but Dr Sivkin is letting them all go, so frankly this place SUCKS! On to new care somewhere else!
by jj
Dr. Sivkin talks so fast you can't understand her. Very uncaring and cold. Can see why she went through many partners at her practice. Front staff not helpful
by Michelle
The staff was friendly. The Dr was very rushed and didn't answer all my questions. It was pretty hard to find the building, but I eventually found it. If I couldn't find anyone better, I'd return again, but I'm hoping I can find better service somewhere else. The furniture seemed like something from a yard sale - old and not comfortable ... Dr Sivkins was OK. No one called me about my results. 2 of the women in the office were extra nice. I had to go 3 times just to find out nothing was wrong. Made me worry for n reason.
by Cathy
The staff is warm and supportive; Dr Sivkin is very friendly and approachable; easy to talk to and I never feel rushed. I always feel as though she knows exactly who I am, no matter how long since my last visit.
by Cari Lander
I have always felt listened to here. I am impressed with how quick I can get in to do an impromptu u/s when needed. The staff are easy going and the waiting room is nice and homey.
by Wendy
Dr Sivkin seems very nice and knowledgeable. She looks dishevled (her scrubs and her white coat were enormous on her) which did not inspire confidence, but she seemed like a good doctor. The one complaint that I have is that it is impossible to schedule appointments to see her. When I need an appointment they can never get me an appointment for at least a month. It's very frustrating.
by waiting for an appointment
They had a couple of interesting magazines, but their selection wasn't very impressive. They didn't seem too happy to be helping me. Maybe they were just having a bad day, but they could have been nicer. Not only were they unwilling to seek any sort of advice from anyone else when they didn't have an answer for me, they highly discouraged me from seeking anyone else's opinion. I had to wait a while after I arrived for my appointment. The staff didn't even keep me updated about how much longer it would be.
by susan allen
Dr Sivkin is a nice person. The office seems outdated -- I was surprised that it did not seem very clean. Milford Center is a lovely area, the office seemed more like a clinic. I was only in the office for about 10 minutes, I felt rushed. The Dr did not even bother to take me in her office - there was no time to speak confidetially to her. She rushed around and seemed distracted. She may be nice -- but not for me
by Margaret
After being referred to Dr. Sivkin by a friend, I was very disappointed with her and her office staff. I felt very rushed at my appointment and my questions and concerns were not addressed. Thumbs down on this Doctor and her staff. Do Not go to this office!!!