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Pulmonologist Augusta, GA



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Pulmonologist Augusta, GA

Find a Pulmonologist in Augusta, GA who can diagnose and treat diseases of the respiratory system.

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Pulmonologist Info

Pulmonologist Summary:
A Pulmonologist is an internal medicine physician who specializes in diagnosing and treating conditions and diseases of the cardio-pulmonary system. A Pulmonologist treats any part of the body that is involved in the breathing process and bringing oxygen into and out of the body.

Education and training: A Pulmonologist is required to finish four years of medical school followed by three years in a residency program. Another two years in direct contact with patients must then be completed. Once this is done, an Internal Medical Board Certification exam must be passed.

Pulmonologist FAQs:
What is a Pulmonologist?
A Pulmonologist is a physician who has been trained to treat the lungs and diseases associated with the respiratory tract. A Pulmonologist can work in a hospital, clinic, or in private practice.

When would one need to see a Pulmonologist?
A Pulmonologist treats asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, pneumonia, lung cancer and other respiratory conditions.

What types of procedures does a Pulmonologist perform?
A Pulmonologist can run tests on the lungs and prescribe medications and equipment such as oxygen and ventilators.

What are the different types of lung cancer?
There are 3 kinds of lung cancer:
Non-small cell lung cancer: This is the most common type of cancer that originates in the lungs
Small cell lung cancer: This is a more aggressive form of cancer, but it responds better to chemotherapy and radiation than non-small cell lung cancer. It is the most common kind of caner found in smokers and ex-smokers.
Metastasized cancer: Cancer that has spread from other parts of the body to the lungs.

Pulmonologist Related Terms:
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