Mercy Franklin Center

Mercy Franklin Center
Mercy Franklin Center 1818 48th St
Des Moines, IA 50310

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Mercy Franklin Center is a Uncategorized facility at 1818 48th St in Des Moines, IA.
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Whenever I have a question, even if it's very basic, they always make me schedule an appointment, which is extremely frustrating. I would never visit them again. I was very disappointed. It's shocking how little they seem to care about customer service. From my experience It appears as if customers are never put first here. The staff is incredibly rude and seem to care more about themselves. Getting a convenient appointment time with them is almost impossible. They have really weird availability and I always have a hard time making an appointment. Obviously any good review written about this horror shack is written by a staff member trying to falsify how bad it really is. The entire staff was blatantly rude to me and when I requested a transfer they literally laughed at me. They refused all medications of mine for the first 6 hours and since I stayed up the whole night waiting in the emergency room I would've appreciated my prescribed sleep aid so I could recuperate. Even though they knew I was coming for 3+ hours they still didn't have my room remotely ready and instead had me stay my first night in a seclusion room and since I didn't have my sleep aid I stayed awake for the whole night. During group sessions the nurses leading them basically mocked everyone in there for being suicidal and made us share why we were there and what medications we were on. I understand that if we share, other patients who have gone through similar situations can support each other but when a patient says that they don't want to announce to a bunch of strangers that they're suicidal they should not be made to. Instead of filling the day with group therapy or any other kind of constructive activity we just hung out and watched tv. During my short stay there I felt the urge to kill myself drastically rise but nobody cared. The only people I would recommend this place to would be the nurses that treated us so poorly so that maybe they could learn how horrifying it really is here.
by Anonymous
So awful that I checked my child out AMA (if you can even call it that since we never saw his physician in the 24 hours he was there!) and filed a complaint. I was so disgusted by the way my young developmentally delayed child was treated. He is still traumatized from his short stay. Please do not bring your children here. They freely use a seclusion room for a small child!
by Anonymous
I was admitted to mercy Franklin about 4 months ago and was there for a week. It was absolutely TERRIBLE. They had to check my body to make sure I wasn't smuggling anything in and it was mortifying. Then, the clothes I brought they ruined by cutting off the strings and other parts of it without asking, and then they didn't fit so I only had 2 changes of clothes. All but 2 of the nurses treated us like we were three. They would cover up the clock so I couldn't see what time it was. They forced me on a sleeping pill I did NOT need. And group therapy sessions were a joke. They made us share what we did to get us in there, and it was mortifying to share it with a bunch of strangers. They knew I had an ED and their response to the bulimia was "we will lock your bathroom door after you eat" and that was the only action they took. I also developed a very bad cough and I wasn't allowed to have cough drops for 2 days because the doctor had to get a prescription. FOR COUGH DROPS. The nurses were absolutely terrible and they made you feel like you were stupid and dirty. They made me feel that because I had tried to kill myself that I was stupid and useless and they did not help me recover at all. I ended up lying saying I was fine and my meds were working so I could get out of that hell hole. Only 2 of the nurses were kind and understanding and actually treated you like a normal human being. I recommend that no one ever sends their child to this facility, and that they send them to Lutheran. My friend went there and her experience was good and they helped her heal. I wish I could have gotten that experience.
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