Hip Pain Vlog: Relieve hip and back tension with these 2 Yoga stretches

Michele Stanten, of Prevention magazine, shows a good demonstration of 2 simple exercises for the back and hips.

These yoga moves may contribute to:
> Reduced Hip Pain
> Reduced Sciatic Pain
> Healing from past Hip Injuries
> Loosening Stiff Back muscles
> Lengthening the Spine (we all love to make our spines taller, don't we? Aahh...)
> Increase blood flow through the torso

These 2 simple exercises may also Improve relaxation and sleep by relieving muscle tension.

Practice good form, practice often, and enjoy...

During wagging dog asana, don't be up on your tippy-toes. Relax your calves, and let your heels drop toward the floor.

Perform each exercise with each leg, working both sides evenly.

Focus on your body. Try to practice in a quiet place, without distractions. You are more likely to have good form and practice them correctly.

Michele also makes some good points about how our bodies change during peri-menopausal times.
Thanks, Michele, for sharing these simple, effective yoga stretches.

Practice these, and share your experiences back here.
For more video to loosen stiff back and hip muscles, go to the Higher Lifestyle video blog: www.higher-lifestyle.blogspot.com
5/19/2008 5:13:54 PM
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Janet, Thanks for your kind words! I see by your other postings that you and your husband have recently made some new lifestyle changes. Good for you! It's never too late. Your life truly depends on physical activity. I posted some action steps on your profile. Don't just read them: take action on each one of them. For best results, surround yourself with empowering people! Best of Luck, Nina
Posted 7 years ago by Higher Spa & Studio
Terrific videos. Thank you. I'm in my early 60's...I don't feel it and my ego says I don't look it, but I don't have all the exercise moves I need to keep my muscle and core strength. I plan on incorporating your suggestions into my life. Thank you for taking the time to post on this Wellness site. Janet
Posted 7 years ago by Janet
Thanks Fuyui. The one fool-proof way to get the chi flowing is through regular exercise. Our bodies are made to move. As health providers, you know our clients are often looking for ways to do as little as possible to stay healthy. But there's no way around it: if you do not regularly exercise, you will get sick! For more info about the Exercise is Medicine campaign, which encourages physicians (and other health providers) to ask patients about their physical activity levels, every patient, every visit, go to <url removed>. Keep Movin'!
Posted 7 years ago by Higher Spa & Studio
Thanks for the videos! I guess most don't realize how easy it is to squeeze in a few exercises to help relieve pain and tension, and to ensure that our energy continues to flow. Once our body's energetic systems "stagnate," it results in pain, discomfort, and even the peri-menopausal symptoms that are mentioned above. Acupuncture works wonders for pain relief and pain management (and with Chinese herbs for menopause)! As an acupuncturist, I see the value in exercise/yoga to maintain the homeostasis that acupuncture can achieve energetically. Thus, I always try to encourage patients to fit in some movement - I'll make sure to pass these videos along. Thanks, again!
Posted 7 years ago by Fuyiu Yip,
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