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B G Patel, MD
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4.5 star average for Service
4.5 star average for Environment
4.5 star average for Expertise
4.5 star average for Staff
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4.5 star average for Value
Dr. Patel has been my doctor for 34 years and my son goes to him now. I would not trust any other doctor wth either my medical concerns or my sons.
by Kristy XXX.XXX.56.53
Dr. Patel has been my Doctor for 33 years now. He is the best Doctor I have ever had. His old staff was a LOT nicer, more Knowledgeable, and more efficient than the current (Roaming) staff. Made getting sick leave papers a NIGHTMARE! Something simple they turned into total chaos.
by Underperforing Staff XXX.XXX.190.20
I think Dr. Patel is an amazing Doctor! He's kind and takes the time to make sure you understand everything that's going on with you and he's very easy to talk to. I would recommend him to anyone!
by Lisa Crafton XXX.XXX.1.113
They go out of their way to make everyone feel equally respected and cared for. I was given a polite greeting when I walked in. It was nice to be acknowledged. It is obvious that their office is cleaned regularly. It was fantastic. I never have to worry about them overbooking appointments. They definitely believe in quality over quantity here and it is much appreciated. They were one of the kindest, most caring staff I've ever dealt with. It didn't matter how many times I called with a question or concern, they were always happy to help me. They will always work you in the schedule if you need a quick appointment. Dr Patel takes his time with each patient. If not for Dr Patel and his persistence I would probably not be alive today. He talked me into letting them do an EKG and I was having a heart attack.
by RPH XXX.XXX.246.73
To the reviewer who took his son in for wart treatment:

Dr. Patel is and excellent FAMILY physician! You didn't think to call a DERMATOLOGIST? Although, I don't feel your review should hold any weight. Your choice of language gives away both your class and credibility levels.
by Dr. Patel's patient XXX.XXX.192.10
I have been seeing Dr. Patel since I was 3 years old; I am now 30. He has consistently been the BEST doctor I have ever visited. Very knowledgeable, accommodating for last-minute visits, and genuinely shows that he is passionate about his job. He is AWESOME!

Not only do they never postpone my appointment, they always try to get me in as soon as possible. I love that I can always get an appointment right away, and I never have to worry about them rescheduling it. They would never suggest that I buy something that wasn't necessary, and never pressured me. They were always very considerate and professional. They are an absolute expert in the field. I would never feel unsafe or apprehensive in their care. When comparing them to others I have visited for the same condition, they are among the best I have seen. I knew I was getting top-of-the-line treatment when they told me about what they learned at the latest conference they attended, and how they were incorporating that knowledge into the practice.
by Ana XXX.XXX.205.162
It is impossible to get an appointment at their office. They are always booked and have a long waiting list.

A sick child with a 101.6 fever and sore throat, I called first thing Monday morning told I wouldnt be able to get him in until Wednesday. Are you serious, I have always liked Dr. Patel and his staff until he totally switched to St. Joes Hospital personnel and office staff. Who doesnt have available appointments for sick people that day. That is a bad practice if you ask me. I cant predict when my child is going to wake up sick and need assistance that day not 3 days later.

This is not the first time it has happened since switching everything to St. Joseph Hospital nurses and office staff.

Very unhappy at this point, I'm looking for a new doctors office and doctor.
by Mrs. Hall XXX.XXX.157.114
Excellent...excellent physician. Thorough, kind, understand and VERY knowledgeable He is the best. His office staff is wonderful, also. I recommend this physician to everyone.
by Colleen XXX.XXX.239.45
He was an attentive and caring physician until one time, while laying on my back on the examination table, he positioned the fingers of his two hands on the lower part of my abdomen and suddenly and forcefully pressed down and I screemed from the pain. Upon asking him about this unusual method of examination he denied it saying, while gesturing with his hand, that he just touched. Subsequently I experienced urination problems, prostate problems and erectile dysfunction. I filed a complaint against him but did not pursue it because I left the country to England then. I see this to be a purposeful malpractice intentended to hurt me---at a time when I had serious problems with my employer the michigan Department of mental health. I suspected this malicious act to be insinuated by others and Dr. Patel took it upon himself to bring the intented damage to me.
by Costa Hawa, Ph.D. XXX.XXX.224.56
They always make sure to return my phone call as soon as possible. They've never left me waiting. Not only do they never postpone my appointment, they always try to get me in as soon as possible. I love that I can always get an appointment right away, and I never have to worry about them rescheduling it. I could tell that they took pride in their office's appearance. It was very well organized and well taken care of. I love how much attention to detail they show. They are always so careful and meticulous. I never have to worry about them making a mistake or forgetting something. Their office was well organized and clean. I could tell they took a lot of time making sure it was presentable.