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Psychiatrist Oro Valley, AZ



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Psychiatrist Oro Valley, AZ

Find a psychiatrist in Oro Valley, AZ who can help with mental health, depression, stress, anxiety, counseling, family and relationships, therapy, and more.

Results for Oro Valley, AZ

  • Vicki Berkus, PhD, MD

    Vicki L. Berkus, MD PhD
    10371 North Oracle Road, Suite 211
    Oro Valley, AZ 85737
  • Randall Fehr, MD

    Palomino Psychiatric Assoc
    10371 N Oracle Rd
    Oro Valley, AZ 85737
  • Christopher Wiegand, MD

    Aleph Center
    6408 E Tanque Verde Rd
    Tucson, AZ 85715
  • Harry Goldwasser, MD

    2806 E Elm St
    Tucson, AZ 85716
  • Tanya Underwood, DO

    1210 E Pennsylvania St
    Tucson, AZ 85714
  • Iris Bell

    1501 N Campbell Ave
    Tucson, AZ 85724
  • Daniel Fredman

    1181 N El Dorado Pl Ste 311
    Tucson, AZ 85715
  • Christopher Petro

    1200 N El Dorado Pl Ste F640
    Tucson, AZ 85715
  • Kayse Budd, M.D.

    Mystic Mandala Medicine
    377 S. Meyer Ave.
    Tucson, AZ 85701
  • Sharon Meglathery, MD

    Holistic Psychiatry
    5215 N. Sabino Canyon Road
    Tucson, AZ 85750
  • Sharon Meglathery, MD

    Holistic Psychiatry
    5215 North Sabino Canyon Road
    Tucson, AZ 85750
  • Roger Osterholtz, MD

    4110 West Sweetwater Drive
    Tucson, AZ 85745
  • Iris Bell, MD

    1501 North Campbell Avenue
    Tucson, AZ 85724
  • Richard Bradley, MD

    1980 E Fort Lowell Rd Ste 150
    Tucson, AZ 85719
  • Gabriel Cata, MD

    1810 S Palm Springs Cir
    Tucson, AZ 85710
  • Hal Crawford, MD

    Counseling Psych Svc
    Bldg 63
    Tucson, AZ 85721
  • Ronald David, MD

    Independent Behavioral Health
    430 N Tucson Blvd
    Tucson, AZ 85716
  • David Emelity, MD

    4-116A, 3601 S 6th Ave
    Tucson, AZ 85723
  • Robert Garrett, MD

    Sonora Behavioral Health
    430 N Tucson Blvd
    Tucson, AZ 85716
  • Alan Gelenberg, MD

    University Physicians University Of Arizona
    PO Box 245002
    Tucson, AZ 85724
  • Edward Gentile, DO

    Palomino Psychiatric Assoc
    4575 E Broadway Blvd
    Tucson, AZ 85711
  • Dawn Gunter, MD

    Palomino Psychiatric Assoc
    PO Box 32710
    Tucson, AZ 85751
  • Jessica Harrison, MD

    PO Box 35328
    Tucson, AZ 85740
  • Elliott Heiman, MD

    Carondelet Behavioral Health
    1601 W Saint Marys Rd
    Tucson, AZ 85745
  • Gary Hellmann, MD

    6890 E Sunrise Dr Ste 120, Pmb 202
    Tucson, AZ 85750
  • Bradley Johnson, MD

    Johnson & Becker Assoc
    6812 N Oracle Rd Ste 114
    Tucson, AZ 85704
  • Joseph King, MD

    4110 W. Sweetwater Dr.
    Tucson, AZ 85745
  • Monique King, MD

    6435 N Miramist Way
    Tucson, AZ 85750
  • Bernard Kuhr, MD

    Palo Verde Behavioral Health
    7400 N Oracle Rd Ste 171
    Tucson, AZ 85704
  • Jaime Ledesma, MD

    445 N Silverbell Rd Ste 201
    Tucson, AZ 85745
  • Alan Levenson, MD

    Emergency Room Assoc
    350 N Wilmot Rd
    Tucson, AZ 85711
  • James Manshardt, MD

    6427 N Foothills Dr
    Tucson, AZ 85718
  • Jose Martinez Celaya, MD

    6050 N Corona Rd Bldg 3
    Tucson, AZ 85704
  • John Misiaszek, MD

    Misiaszek John J
    Ariz Med Ctr Dept Psych
    Tucson, AZ 85724
  • Scott Moseman, MD

    1501 N Campbell Ave, PO Box 245002
    Tucson, AZ 85724
  • De Bora Murphy, MD

    Therapy Associates
    7014 E Golf Links Rd
    Tucson, AZ 85730
  • Raymond Novak, MD

    915 N Swan Rd
    Tucson, AZ 85711
  • Rebecca Potter, MD

    University Of Arizona
    1501 N Campbell Ave, PO Box 245187
    Tucson, AZ 85724
  • John Racy, MD

    Dept Of Psychiatry Univ-AZ
    Univ Az Psych Hlth Sci Ctr
    Tucson, AZ 85724
  • Bruce Roberts, MD

    Synergy Health & Healing
    5099 E Grant Rd Ste 320
    Tucson, AZ 85712
  • Raul Rodriguez Sora, MD

    5650 E 22nd St
    Tucson, AZ 85711
  • Nelson Rosario Leon, MD

    6812 N Oracle Rd Ste 100
    Tucson, AZ 85704
  • David Rupley Jr, MD

    PO Box 35752
    Tucson, AZ 85740
  • Barry Sack, MD

    Sierra Tucson
    39580 S Lago Del Oro Pkwy
    Tucson, AZ 85739
  • Jose Santiago, MD

    Carondelet Health Network
    1601 W Saint Marys Rd
    Tucson, AZ 85745
  • John Schorsch, MD

    3208 E Fort Lowell Rd Ste 102
    Tucson, AZ 85716
  • Michael Scott, MD

    Sierra Tucson
    39580 S Lago Del Oro Pkwy
    Tucson, AZ 85739
  • Martin Sodomsky, MD

    1181 N El Dorado Pl Ste 319
    Tucson, AZ 85715
  • David Stoker, MD

    Kino Community Hospital
    2800 E Ajo Way
    Tucson, AZ 85713
  • Stephen Streitfeld, MD

    Palo Verde Behavioral Health
    6041 E Grant Rd Ste 101
    Tucson, AZ 85712

Psychiatrist Info

Psychiatrist Summary:
Psychiatry involves the treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of mental illness. A psychiatrist diagnoses mental and emotional disorders using assessments and may order further psychiatric diagnostic laboratory tests if necessary. Mental and emotional disorders including difficulty coping, stress, trauma, mood and anxiety disorders, substance-abuse disorders, sexual issues, schizophrenia, and addictions may be helped by different forms of psychiatry.

Common Treatments: Psychiatrists commonly treat children and adults suffering from attention deficit disorder (ADD), clinical depression, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, phobias, paranoia, psychosis, OCD, and panic attacks. Additional disorders treated by psychiatrists are: mania, schizophrenia, claustrophobia, paranoia, agoraphobia, social anxiety disorder, hallucinations, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and panic disorder.

Psychiatrist FAQs:
What is a


A Psychiatrist is a licensed physician who specializes in the evaluation, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental and emotional disorders.

What is the Difference between a Psychologist and a Psychiatrist?

Psychologists are concerned with the different aspects of behavior and mental processes and cannot prescribe medications. A clinical psychologist uses psychotherapy and other counseling skills to improve emotional and mental health. A Psychiatrist is a medical doctor who performs psychotherapy but can also prescribe medicine.

Why might I see a Psychiatrist?

You could see a Psychiatrist for abuse, addictions, anxiety, coping mechanism issues, depression, an eating disorder, emotional distress, personal growth, phobias, relationship issues, sexual problems, and trauma.

What are the requirements for becoming a licensed Psychiatrist?

A Psychiatrist must have a Masters or a Doctoral Degree from an accredited school. Other requirements toward becoming a Psychiatrist include residency training and board certifications that vary from state to state.

Psychiatrist Related Terms:
anxiety, behavioral disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, suicide, relationship difficulties, chronic mental illness, parenting issues, adjustment disorders, personality disorders, lobotomy, antidepressants