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Cardiologist Lynbrook, NY



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Cardiologist Lynbrook, NY

Find a cardiologist in Lynbrook, NY to help care for your heart, arteries and veins.

Results for Lynbrook, NY

  • John O'Loughlin, MD

    Department Hematology & Oncol
    1300 York Ave Ste D601
    New York, NY 10021
  • Peter Okin, MD

    Cornell University Med College
    525 E 68th St # 433
    New York, NY 10021
  • Milton Packer, MD

    177 Fort Washington Ave Fl 5
    New York, NY 10032
  • Fred Pasternack, MD

    29 E 63rd St Ste A
    New York, NY 10021
  • Wilmer Petite Jr, MD

    110 W 97th St, Wm F Ryan Center
    New York, NY 10025
  • Robert Phillips, MD

    Faculty Practice Associates
    5 E 98th St Ste 1188 Fl 10
    New York, NY 10029
  • Thomas Pickering, MD

    MT Sinai Medical Ctr
    622 W 168th St Ph 9
    New York, NY 10032
  • Bryan Piedad, MD

    Nyu Bellevue Medical Ctr
    550 1st Ave Ste Nb
    New York, NY 10016
  • Roy Pizzarello, MD

    Beth Israel Northcardiology
    170 E End Ave, Div Card Beth Israel Med
    New York, NY 10128
  • Joseph Porder, MD

    1160 Fifth Avenue, Suite 102
    New York, NY 10029
  • William Priester, MD

    150 E 71st St
    New York, NY 10021
  • Alfonso Prieto, MD

    New York Cornell Medical Ctr
    630 W 168th St
    New York, NY 10032
  • Bradley Radwaner, MD

    The NY Center for The Prevention of Heart Disease
    885 Park Avenue
    New York, NY 10021
  • David Ramos, MD

    NY Presbyterian Hospital
    622 W 168th St
    New York, NY 10032
  • Chitra Ravishankar, MD

    Anesthesiology Department
    1 Gustave L Levy Pl # 1201, Mt Sinai Sch Of Med
    New York, NY 10029
  • James Reiffel, MD

    161 Fort Washington Ave
    New York, NY 10032
  • Carl Reimers, MD

    Beth Israel Medical Ctr
    67 Irving Pl Fl 7
    New York, NY 10003
  • Lawrence Resnick, MD

    Hypertension Center
    525 E 68th St, Hypertension Ltr Ny Presby
    New York, NY 10021
  • Merwin Richard, MD

    Harlem Hospital
    506 Lenox Ave
    New York, NY 10037
  • Elliot Riegelhaupt, MD

    755 Park Ave
    New York, NY 10021
  • Carlos Rodriguez, MD

    Columbia Presbyterian Med Ctr
    630 W 168th St
    New York, NY 10032
  • Mary Roman, MD

    525 E 68th St, Box 222
    New York, NY 10021
  • Michael Rosen, MD

    Columbia University
    630 W 168th St, Pharmacology Ph 7W 321
    New York, NY 10032
  • Robert Rosenblum, MD

    899 Lexington Ave
    New York, NY 10021
  • Isadore Rosenfeld, MD

    Cornell Cardiology Consultants
    125 E 72nd St
    New York, NY 10021
  • Ira Roth, MD

    35 E 84th St Ste 1D
    New York, NY 10028
  • Stephen Rubenstein, MD

    885 Park Ave
    New York, NY 10021
  • Howard Rutman, MD

    1199 Park Ave Apt 1H
    New York, NY 10128
  • Jonathan Sackner, MD

    University Medical Practice
    1111 Amsterdam Ave, St Lukes Roosevelt
    New York, NY 10025
  • Michael Schloss, MD

    Pace-Scan Inc
    304 E 30th St Ste A
    New York, NY 10016
  • Stanley Schrem, MD

    New York Medical Assoc
    635 Madison Ave Fl 3
    New York, NY 10022
  • Joseph Schwartz, MD

    MT Sinai Medical Ctr
    1 Gustave L Levy Pl
    New York, NY 10029
  • Khashayar Sehhat, MD

    St Vincents Hospital
    153 W 11th St
    New York, NY 10011
  • Mark Seldon, MD

    Cardiovascular Consulting-NY
    36 7th Ave Ste 420
    New York, NY 10011
  • Warren Sherman, MD

    Beth Israel Medical Ctr
    315 Riverside Dr Apt 13at
    New York, NY 10025
  • Celia Shmukler, MD

    1199 National Benefit Fund
    330 W 42nd St Lbby 3
    New York, NY 10036
  • Nicholas Skipitaris, MD

    Matos Skipitaris & Zweibel
    920 Park Ave
    New York, NY 10028
  • Alexandra Stern, MD

    317 E 34th St
    New York, NY 10016
  • James Slater Jr, MD

    Univ Med Practice Assocs
    1111 Amsterdam Ave
    New York, NY 10025
  • David Slotwiner, MD

    Cardiology Associates
    520 E 70th St Ste 4
    New York, NY 10021
  • Charles Smithen, MD

    New York Cardiology Assoc
    425 E 61st St Fl 6
    New York, NY 10021
  • Robert Sommer, MD

    Mount Sinai Med Ctr
    1 Gustave L Levy Pl, Box 1201
    New York, NY 10029
  • Edmund Sonnenblick, MD

    Montefiore Medical Ctr
    1 Gustave L Levy Pl, Mount Sinai Med Ctr
    New York, NY 10029
  • Cezar Staniloae, MD

    Cabrini Medical Ctr
    227 E 19th St Ste 502D
    New York, NY 10003
  • Leonard Steinfeld, MD

    Mount Sinai Medical Ctr
    1 Gustave L Levy Pl, Mt Sinai Hospital
    New York, NY 10029
  • Eric Stern, MD

    Mount Sinai Hospital
    5 E 98th St Ste 1188 Fl 10
    New York, NY 10029
  • Richard Stock, MD

    Radiation Oncology Assoc
    755 Park Ave
    New York, NY 10021
  • Gregg Stone, MD

    55 E 59th St Fl 6
    New York, NY 10022
  • Janet Strain, MD

    26 E 22nd St
    New York, NY 10010
  • Brendan Sullivan, MD

    St Lukes-Roosevelt Hospital
    1111 Amsterdam Ave
    New York, NY 10025

Cardiologist Info

Cardiologist Summary:
A Cardiologist is a physician who has chosen to specialize in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases and defects of the heart and circulatory system. These diseases or defects may be present at birth or may develop later in life. He or she will evaluate the patient's condition and after performing several tests, will determine if the patient needs medication, surgery, or changes in diet or lifestyle.

Some of the conditions a cardiologist is concerned with are:
Congenital heart defects – Heart defects that are present at birth.
Coronary artery disease – The accumulation of plaque in the walls of the arteries of the heart.
Valvular heart disease – Diseases that affect the blood vessels of the heart.
Heart failure – A condition that affects blood supply to the heart and the body.
Electrophysiology – A condition that involves the abnormal electrical impulses of the heart, such as arrhythmia.

Cardiologist FAQs:
What is a


A Cardiologist is a physician who is certified to practice Cardiology which involves the diagnoses and treatment of disorders of the circulatory system and the cardiovascular system — the heart, arteries, and veins.

Are there different kinds of cardiologists?
There are several different categories of cardiologist who specialize in different areas.

When do you need to see a cardiologist?
A cardiologist is usually needed in cases of chest pain or discomfort where the diagnosis is unclear or where specialized medical care is required. A cardiologist is not necessarily needed every time a patient has difficulty in breathing or has chest pain; many patients may be treated quite skillfully by an internist.

How do I find a Cardiologist in my city and state?
The directory will help you locate a Cardiologist in your state. Select Cardiologist from the professionals menu and select the state that you are looking to locate a Cardiologist in. After you have located your state, find the city that you will need a Cardiologist in. Select the state and city and you will see a list of Cardiologists in your city and state.

Cardiologist Related Terms:
cardiology, heart, arrhythmia, veins, arteries, chest pain, heart attack, palpitations, heart rate, ventricular fibrillation, heart disease, stroke, cardiologist