Valerie Nelson, ND, CNHP

Valerie Nelson, ND, CNHP
Abundant Life Wellness 237 Skyview Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15241

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About Valerie Nelson, ND, CNHP

Valerie Nelson practices as a fibromyalgia doctor in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA) at Abundant Life Wellness. Dr. Nelson focuses on treating patients from a whole-body perspective, paying attention to every aspect of their health and wellness. She addresses patients' conditions by bringing the body to a balanced state, allowing it to heal itself naturally. As an experienced fibromyalgia doctor in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA), Dr. Valerie Nelson is adept at treating patients suffering from chronic pain and fatigue. She works to determine the underlying cause of a patient's symptoms so that she can accurately correct the problem, resulting in long-term health and harmony within the body.
Primary Specialty

Fibromyalgia Doctor

Practice Abundant Life Wellness
Gender Female
Years In Practice 8
Certification Naturopathic Doctor

Board Certified In Integrative Medicine

Master Herbalist

Certified Natural Health Professional

Certified Nutritional Counselor
Services As a leading fibromyalgia doctor in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA), Valerie Nelson offers a variety of different treatment options at Abundant Life Wellness. Her detoxifying ionic footbaths are designed to extract toxins and parasites from the body, resulting in improved sleeping patterns and overall health. With Dr. Nelson's guidance, patients can correct imbalances within the body by improving nutritional and sleep patterns, managing stress and making other lifestyle modifications. She uses a two-step process to first cleanse the body and then rebuild the lacking vitamins and minerals. Dr. Nelson also uses homeopathic medicine to treat fibromyalgia in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA). Call Dr. Valerie Nelson at Abundant Life Wellness in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA) to receive holistic treatment for a variety of issues.
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Recent Reviews
I became ill back in Dec. after a very simple, (so I was told) surgery. Knee scope…. I was told a week to 10 days recovery. Around 2 weeks later my upper body started to decline -- my arms and hands became very weak. I told my knee surgeon and he told me that my knees don’t have any thing to do with my arms. But I said I wasn’t like this before the surgery. He sent me to physical therapy, after going to that for a couple of weeks the physical therapist said he didn’t know what was wrong as I wasn’t making progress. Back to my PC and he noticed that I was losing weight 25 pounds in one month. He sent me to get a colonoscopy which came back good. Then he sent me to a blood doctor which he did many of tests, which all came back good. He was grasping at straws and when he mentioned for me to get a bone marrow I was shocked -- I had Knee scope I didn’t need bone marrow. I told my daughter who had to drive me to all these Dr.’s because I was unable to put my arms up to hold the steering wheel to take me to the nearest bar -- I need a long island ice tea!! Let me tell you , during this time not only did I lose weight, I was losing my faith and questioning -- why me??! I had to quit my job because of the pain (I am only in my fifties and should not be feeling this way! – like I am ninety!) I could not clean my house, even wring out a washcloth or pull my hair in a ponytail!!! Then one night at my daughter’s church, South Hills Bible Chapel, they had an event called “Funky Friday” - an outing for women. Both my daughters were going and asked me to go. I haven’t been social in over a month. I went and met Dr. Valerie- She did a demo on her detox foot bath. I was amazed! I listened to her speak about the parasites and toxic overload and how they can affect your body. It was so interesting. She also spoke about God and how He designed our bodies. Afterwards I approached her and asked if she could help me. She said she would like to see me. So I emailed her for an appointment. After I saw the stuff in my foot bath I was shocked, then she examined my glands and helped me get on track with nutrients -–such as the herbal medicines. Amazing-- I started to feel and look better. Dr. Valerie, she’s not only helped me to feel physically better, she also prayed over me and helped to restore my faith in God. I continue to go to get my foot baths and I learn something new each time. Sometimes its little simple things like where to store your pills to keep them fresh. After seeing Dr. Valerie, I can now go back to work, clean my own house and am feeling much better. To this day the medical doctors still don’t know what happen to me. But Dr. Valerie knew I needed to clean my body and mind. I thank God for her and I thank God for my daughters & husband. Thank you for what you did, what you said, and who you are. PS -- I am back to riding motorcycles with my husband. It has now been over 2 years and my health is still very good.
by M. Lacey
My 10 year old daughter has a history of anxiety that started when she was very young. What started as "separation anxiety" as a toddler became more severe as she got older. She was anxious around large groups of people, strangers, and did not like to be away from home. She cried most days during school for 5 years. She struggled in school, as her anxiety left her unable to ask for help when needed or to complete difficult work on time. At home she was unmotivated to participate in family activities, and preferred to be alone.

My husband and I tried everything to help our child. We met with her teachers and principal, we took her to counseling, tried relaxation techniques, and took her to a psychiatrist who prescribed anti anxiety medication. We even moved her to a private school which provided a smaller class size. Nothing we tried made much of a difference.

We took her to see Dr. Val who began treating her for anxiety. Within 2 days of taking her supplements she has been like a completely different child. She is talking more, interacting with the family, and having fun! She is getting her homework done on time, has chosen to participate in a school art contest, and is looking forward to an overnight class trip in the spring. It's so nice to see our daughter laughing,smiling, and enjoying her life. She notices a difference too and has told us that she's glad she's feeling better.

During her initial visit, Dr. Val spent the time to create an appropriate plan of treatment. She and her assistant went over the plan with my daughter, and showed her how and when to take her supplements. My daughter fondly refers to Dr. Val as the "nice doctor" and we are so thankful for her care and her expertise. I would definitely recommend Abundant Life Wellness to anyone. I am so thankful for the thoughtfulness that Dr. Val and her staff has shown to our family.
by Sherry