Dr. Michele Halston

Dr. Michele Halston
Dr. Michele Halston
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Consumer Feedback

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Very helpful and caring.
by Jamie
August 06, 2013
by echo
July 19, 2013
by track13
July 14, 2013
by Cocochanel
June 24, 2013
by annonymous
June 22, 2013
Great support
by Cocochanel
June 18, 2013
Super star! Great to talk to and very good advice.
by Cocochanel
June 16, 2013
very patient, wise, and helpful ... gained good insight from the session, thank you!
by User_xqq4c8
June 03, 2013
Velpful and honest advice. Thank you
by Ash3144
May 24, 2013
by JayeJaye
May 19, 2013
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