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I probably should have given only one star. I picked this person, because she had education and taught. She lacked experience though. She talked by phone at first. She did Graston, taping, and chiro. Lack of experience isn't always an indicator. She appeared to want to treat me, even though I had massive pain. Her Graston didn't really hurt, but others were surprised it didn't and questioned treating large areas of the body. Usually that treatment is done on much smaller areas. Actually, deep friction massage and advanced myofascial release are more effective acc. to Dr. Liptan, who went to a great university and conducted a study at OHSU. Dr. Baranick was hands-on and tried at first. I think that when a patient has Medicare or no insurance, it just isn't as appealing to providers. FMS can be difficult for many doctors. This doctor was interested at first, because she had few or no patients. Also, I mentioned an accident I had in a parking lot when we talked. That likely caught her eye, because P.I.P. pays but it didn't pay to her liking. I was told by her and her co-worker that Safeco didn't pay much to chiropractors. Ha! The office didn't take Medicare, and I discussed the reason why. I asked why she didn't treat Medicare patients. She said that many doctors didn't get reimbursement, and they actually do. She expressed that treating older patients would be "boring" to her. One of the most disadvantaged populations is boring to her. Her comments were so unethical, and I should have left and complained more. The billing and environment of the whole office is not "business-like." There was no secretary, she didn't answer her phone, and the office was closed during business hours when she felt like it.

I want to bring up that this doctor was not reliable, rescheduled appointments with no notice. Her office was very "charged" with issues, and she talked about her co-workers asking me to keep things "between us." She asked me to "hush" at one point. I am not a child.

After everything, she threw me off to a chiropractor without talking to me. She acted irritated with me for not being able to do her exercises. To blame a patient for illness is amongst the worst thing a doctor can do. She talked aobut my PCP's behavior of abandonment, but she did the same thing to me. I was left with severe illness and wasted time/money. Go to an alternative doctor like an N.D. I have a doctor in Corbett now. He changed my life with none of that type of treatment. To be clear, a good chiro could have suggested essential fatty acids, dietary modifications, and a few supplements. She just throws supplements with no thought. She gave me d-ribose. That is made from corn, which we all know is bad and filled with GMOs. It can also cause hypoglycemia. I believe it pushed me into a hypoglycemic state. Of course, she didn't know, because it never was a concern to check prior to suggesting a supplement. She thought one study made this a good and well-researched supplement. There are great chiros that I'm sure could help those like me. I am off all pain meds and walking. I was in a wheelchair after that mess. Terrible experience. She didn't cause my condition but she missed several things and acted rudely on many counts. It would be exhaustive and unnecessary to detail everything here. Her office is freezing cold. It was about 50 degrees. I brought my own bathroom. She didn't like to do laundry and reused her small gowns. I was so cold.

I want to mention something to those people that might be going to her for ENT issues. She couldn't get her own issues under control. She had her tonsils yanked. The tonsils are a part of the immune system. It is interesting when a doctor that is claiming to lean natural chooses the "easy way" for herself. She constantly talked about helping me with my ENT issues by using a technique, but that never materialized. Again, find someone good. Usually, it is food allergies. Try eliminating foods that cause illness. Look up elimination diets.

I could say so much more, but I think this makes my point. One last thing. If you look at her Yelp reviews, one is from Bonnie W. That is her associate or it was. There is another from Jonathon O. I met him, and he is her husband. To me, that is inappropriate to have a boyfriend (at the time) review you. It most certainly is when it's a colleague.

The reason my neck wouldn't adjust was poor technique and also from a condition a good doc might have found. I've read about it. The fact is: I was biking 3 months after good treatment. No meds and basic changes. No PT. I wish Dr. Baranick luck though. Maybe she can learn by going back to school or studying under someone that understands pain conditions. Sorry if this seems harsh, but I wish there had been a review of this person.
by Cheryl xxx.xxx.208.91
January 26, 2015
Does this provider adhere to the customer is always right policy?
Yes, they listen to all complaints and make every effort to correct the situation.
Did you feel safe in this provider's care?
Absolutely! I knew I was being cared for by an expert!
Did your treatments with this chiropractor eliminate your need for pain medication?
No, but I need a lot less than before
Were you able to get answers to simple questions from this provider without scheduling an appointment?
Absolutely! I'm always able to get my questions answered over the phone right away!
Was this provider's office too loud?
No, it wasn't too loud
by Anonymous xxx.xxx.248.115
June 10, 2013
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