Riviera Villa

Riviera Villa
Riviera Villa 260 South 11th Street San Jose, CA 95112
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Riviera is a 5-star Mediterranean style hotel more than a residential care facility for adults with severe and chronic mental illness, and I really mean it! Live plants everywhere, palm trees, flowers inside and out, wiFi in every room, people playing orchestra instruments in the evenings, custom built marble tables and counter tops, even an outdoor kitchen with wood burning grills and pizza/bread oven--all built by the owners own hands that we use 3 or more times each week to make our delicious meals.

The owners have owned and operated the Riviera Villa and Club since 1974, even raised their nieces and nephews among us, making us feel like a real family instead of sick people from institutions. The family even took us on trips to Disneyland, Yosemite, and for weekend camps at their family estate in Santa Cruz mountains, where we eat delicious food and swim in the pool among the Giant redwoods right above the Pacific Ocean!

This family goes to the mat for us, and for this reason, some of us have lived with them since the very beginning, moved in as teenagers and now we are senior citizens! And we have not relapsed a single time to crisis center because we feel like human beings here, not a part of the system.

We have daily therapy groups from the people at the university and lots of fun things to do all day and night. And it's safe here, in the Naglee Park district of San Jose, just a block from San Jose State, and everything we need is within walking distance--Silicon Valley's best restaurants, farmers markets, gymnasiums, sports stadiums, shopping centers, you name it! There are also trains, trolleys, and buses to take us further, and we are just one hour from San Francisco or Monterey!

If you are looking for a safe, high quality, loving home for your loved one, you cannot go wrong looking into Riviera Living. I would give it 10 stars if I could! The Sabankaya family are really good people.
by RivieraFan xxx.xxx.75.11
October 22, 2016
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