Stewart Animal Clinic

Stewart Animal Clinic
Stewart Animal Clinic 9630 Old Highway 31 Warrior, AL 35180
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The Vet was suppose to save my Shih Tzu and stabilize her so I could get her to the ER animal clinic over the mountain in Alabama. Instead , He asked me to leave the room . And was NOT even back there no more than 10 minutes. I went in his clinic at 5:40p.m. They do NOT close until 6:00 p.m. on 09/19/12 .
I was very upset that day and could not drive myself . So I had another friend to drive me. I was back home with my dead Shih TZU by 6:25p.m. . The lady at the front desk charged my credit card discover card (paper trail) $43.00 . Later , she went to the back where my dog was , then the VET / OWNER came out to waiting room and told me he was very sorry , he could NOT save her & asked me if I would like to take her home with me or did he want me to dispose of her ?
I told him NO , I wanted her back to say good bye and bury her myself. Then, he went around the desk and ran my credit card again.
I was thinking he was just finishing up what the front desk lady didn't finish . -remember , I was very upset & in tears and could not see well or etc.
Later I got my bill in the mail. And was shocked about my amount charged on my vet trip. I disputed the bill , telling my side to discover and they credited my account back . Later , I went back to talk face to face with the VET OWNER and he said the best he could do was credit me $30.00 back . And that was all he could do. Which he never did .

A lady that works there asked me NOT to reveal her name so she don't loose her job . Told me all he did was put my dog to sleep and over billed me for the things he shouldn't done . That was the reason he asked me to leave the room and wait in the waiting room . You can see by the time he reran my credit card what time he did what he did.

I just now got off the phone with my credit card discover lady named Sue . To find out he did nothing , but collect the full amount of $183.29 . The $30.00 was not even credited like he promised me. I asked him if I could have that in writing & he said . I do not know why my word is not any good to you. So, He the VET/Owner signed credit $30.00 and just put his 3 letters on a post it note.And told me to have a good day . I'm praying this letter will fall in the correct hands to solve this matter to my satisfaction . I really only owed $43.00 . Not $183.29 . I think his license should be pulled out from him or suspended for a year or 4-ever. So, he will quit treating weak people as myself who owns pets besides a horse. I do not feel he is a responsible Vet /Owner .

(earlier through the years of him practicing with animals , he made several comments to me and other people , When GOD made other animals besides Horses . GOD messed up .)
What kind of vet would say such a nasty thing ?
Another time , I was in his office posting flyers about dog found on his bulletin board , an older couple was in there with their cute little solid white dog . getting just puppy shots. He shot the little dog in the wrong place causing a HUGE tumor look alike knot come up and they were just sitting there in the waiting room holding their little white dog crying , and it was just bleeding all over them while they told them to keep applying pressure and the bleeding should stop soon . Their eyes were just like mine were. I asked what happen . Thus, when I learned what happen to their little white dog. It was hemorrhaging in their laps. another very sad situation.
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