Judy Killough

Judy Killough
Long Animal Hospital & Emergency Center 2523 South Boulevard Charlotte, NC 28203
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Unfortunately, I had to put my 17 year old dog to sleep recently and went to Long on a Wednesday night around 8pm. Dr. Edwards was there and couldn't have been any kinder and sympathetic. She made the visit as easy as it could be considering the circumstances. The rest of the staff from reception to vet tech were understanding and compassionate as well. This wasn't my regular vet, but it is now (for my cat.)
by Karen L xxx.xxx.116.34
January 22, 2019
Today is September 11 and I am watching TV and hoping that North Carolina and its residents stay as safe as possible. I was recently in North Carolina at the airport in Charlotte waiting for a connecting flight when my small dog had an accident there and had an extremely terrible injury. Thank goodness a woman who worked there knew of an animal hospital very close to the airport because that’s where she brought her dog when needed. Long animal emergency hospital was a God sent to me and my dog. I called from the airport and told them my dog had an accident and when I got there one of the staff was already outside taking her before I even got out of the cab. They had to do emergency surgery. Thank goodness her life wasn’t in danger but still it was an emergency. The staff was beyond kind, understanding and so helpful. The doctor, Dr. Liz Foreman was so calming and caring when she was explaining what they had to do for Ellie to patch her up. I was completely traumatized by the incident. I had to stay in Charlotte North Carolina at a hotel and the staff who were working that day were on the computer trying to find me a hotel close to the hospital. I wish I knew their names because I would have liked to thank them personally. I know a Dr. killough assisted, I just don’t know if it was the father or the son. Thank you! thank You! thank You! Of course we left the hospital I went directly home. I never did make it to Florida. Ellie is doing very well and I will be sending pictures of her very soon. We were all concerned whether not she would be able to walk without a limp but miracle of miracles she is walking perfectly. She is even running. You were all just what the doctor ordered. Please pardon the pun. If anyone is remotely thinking about not going to long animal hospital You’re making a big mistake. It’s a wonderful safe place And you can be confident your pet will be well taken care of. I know this is a long review and I am sorry but I just had to tell you the entire story. Thank you, Ellen from New York
by And you can be confident your pet will be well taken Th xxx.xxx.180.141
September 12, 2018
The people at Long Animal Hospital were fabulous. The doctor called to tell me they couldn't do surgery at 11:30 pm because my sweet dog Delialah had cancer. He then called us the following day to check on us. Then when we got there everyone was so kind. The doctor who told us what was going on and showed us pictures was so caring. Taylor the nurse if that's what you call them was beyond wonderful. Even though we had to put our precious baby down they were above and beyond fantastic. If we ever have any issues with our other two dogs even though it's an hour away we will bring them there. I also we always give Long Animal Hospital's name to everyone I know.
by Heidi xxx.xxx.177.28
July 01, 2018
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