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Affordable Animal Clinic
Affordable Animal Clinic - Escondido, CA 92025
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DO NOT BRING YOUR PET HERE!!!!! This is the worst place I've ever experienced in any industry. I am a new animal owner, I haven't ever had a cat so this was the first time I was getting an animal fixed. These people have no moral whatsoever and are scam artists in the worst possible way. Before you have you pet checked in you have to sign a paper that if they are pregnant and you would like to get them fixed, there is an extra fee. Cool understandable, i get that. what they do NOT tell you is that they DO NOT check before they OPEN THE ANIMAL UP. I got a call from the clinic while my cat was ON THE TABLE, OPENED UP telling me that my cat was pregnant and what would i like to do. When I told them I would like to have the kittens then they informed me that the anesthesia would effect the kittens and damage them so they would not come out right. THAT IS NOT A CHOICE. BEWARE of this place. Then they charged me an EXTRA 120 because my cat was in her THIRD trimester. Tell me how a veterinarian cant tell that a cat is in their THIRD trimester before surgery??? Like i said i am a new animal owner and she did not show any signs to me of pregnancy thats why i TOLD THEM that she might be pregnant so they can check. They did no tests NOTHING, put her on the table opened her up and told me the kittens would be damaged if i decided not to go forth with the surgery. So basically i was conned into a FULL BLOWN ABORTION for my cat and had to pay $240 all together at a low cost clinic. This place is a scam and a group of sickening immoral people work there. They had NO remorse when I was so upset about what had happen to my cat. I admit i was VERY upset but rightfully so. They are horrible people. No apology NOTHING, just a to bad so sad attitude. I want everyone to know because they DO NOT explain how they check if they are pregnant or not and it is DISGUSTING what they did to my cat and my little family. DO NOT GO HERE they should be arrested for animal cruelty for profit. Its horrid what they do to animals at this clinic. I hope one day it gets shut down, because i'm SURE i'm not the first person they have done this to. Now as a new pet owner i will make it my DUTY to make sure i tell everyone who needs to fix any animal to NEVER go here. Disgraceful.
by Sarah
May 05, 2016
Has this veterinarian ever misdiagnosed your pet?
Never, my pets have enjoyed healthy and long lives thanks to their care.
Did you leave the office feeling satisfied with your visit?
Does this provider give unbiased advice?
Absolutely! I always get sound, helpful, and completely unbiased advice!
Were the staff members able to answer your questions?
Yes, they were able to answer my questions
by Anonymous
October 22, 2011
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