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Compassionate and Down-to-Earth Therapist 
03/20/2008 Posted by freshsprout 
I came across Bernie Soon for the first time online - actually on here and on Bernie's website - and I feel so lucky to have her as a first-time psychotherapy patient. I have sort of a different problem than the other reviewers on here - where my problem came from years of chronic, toxic parenting.. But the therapy of EMDR is the same. Bernie listens to you in a very comforting, serene, Zen environment and she offers sound suggestions. I plan on continuing to go back to her, also as a lifestyle/leadership coach. 
Pros: Ambiance, environment, private. *****

Bernie Soon is an Insightful and Caring Therapist 
02/03/2006 Posted by larry *** 
I went to Bernie Soon because of an old cervical sprain that never properly healed and was continuing to cause me problems. Bernie showed me how to slow down and pay attention to the body. Using her background in EMDR and Somatic Experiencing we worked through the trauma that resulted in the neck problems. As a result I get "triggered" less and less and feel a renewed confidence in my body. I highly recommend her services. *****

01/18/2006 Posted by sshelleyjeff 
*** My experience with Bernie Soon was an incredibly positive one. After suffering severe panic attacks and depression I contacted Ms. Soon after reading about EMDR therapy on the internet. I found her techniques to be extremely comforting and effective. After just one visit I had a complete change in my mental state which allowed me to again feel free of anxiety, depression and panic attacks. I went to her for one follow up session primarily to let her know how successful her technique had been. I would highly recommend her. She is lovely, her place of business is very tranquil and she is very professional. It was a very positive experience. 
Pros: Highly effective, Very professional, Compassionate. *****

A Professional Colleague's Review 
08/08/2005 Posted by nhanna 
*** I have a very high level of trust in Bernie Soon as an extremely compassionate and gifted healer / psychotherapist. I find her to be genuinely commited and qualified in providing the highest standard of care to her clients. As a professional colleague, I have no hesitation in referring clients to her. *****

A Safe Place to Work on the Self 
08/06/2005 Posted by gvotsis *** 
Bernie Soon creates a very comforting and open atmosphere, which allows you to deeply explore yourself and become in tune with your center. Her sessions are all-encompassing and focus on the individual's needs, getting to the core of the problem and allowing a person to really connect to the root of their issue within their body and mind. I am happy to have found someone who takes psychotherapy to a heightened level, helping to bring me in touch with my spirituality and core. 
Pros: calming environment, flexible times, non-judgmental care. *****

A Great Experience 
06/21/2005 Posted by redegridley *** 
I found Ms. Soon to be a master of her craft. She is knowledgeable, intuitive and creates an inviting and comforting atmosphere that is a cornerstone of therapy. Her EMDR techniques were amazing in their effectiveness. I cannot recommend her too highly. 
Pros: Bedside manner, Knowledge, location. *****

by berniesoon
April 30, 2009
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