Cost Cutters of Madison Corporate OFC

Cost Cutters of Madison Corporate OFC
Cost Cutters of Madison Corporate OFC 1001 Fourier Drive Madison, WI 53717
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4 star average for Environment
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3.5 star average for Staff
3.5 star average for Expertise
4 star average for Service
I went in on a whim knowing that I haven't had good experiences in the past with Cost Cutter, but my normal stylist was booked when I needed her and I had family pictures in 2 days. I went in to get my hair done and was excited. I was going to have lowlights and highlights and a haircut. The girl was obviously new as she could even put foils in my hair. She went to consult with the other girl working at first. Not going to get nervous I told myself, then it took her over an hour to put about 14 foils in then I sat which is normal, when she went to rinse my hair she hardly washed it. You can tell she was new now very much. She didn't even get all the shampoo or conditioner out of my hair. Then after the wash she blow dried my entire head and then cut it!!! While blow drying it she couldn't even hold the comb and blow dryer correctly , she was shaking with the scissors in hand , besides all that she never talked, she seemed sweet. I am usually not a very picky person and I give people the benefit of a doubt and maybe it will come out great. Well I wasn't happy. I have spotty red coloring in the front. Never asked for red and nothing in the back as far as lowlights or highlights. It was 3 1/2 hours later almost 4 hours when I was done. I had to get to my other job. She picked out where she knew she had messed up. Never once offered to fix it or say I am sorry , nothing. I paid $90!!!!!! I couldn't believe it. I wouldn't have minded the amount since I have paid that before but it was the fact that I was not at all pleased. Throughout when she was working on my hair I noticed her looking at the other girl working like she wanted to ask her things. She was obviously busy. This girl (found out she was the manager) was not at all friendly, had a stuck up kind of attitude and an attitude like you were bothering her. Anyways I did tip the young girl that did my hair, she didn't say one thing. I didn't even make it out of the store and I was bawling. Literally bawling because I paid that much (I don't have that money throw away) and didn't like my hair at all. I was so disappointed. I called my boyfriend and was upset and crying and he called cost cutters and Amber (the snotty lady that had no time for anyone) said "how come she never said anything" my boyfriend responded that "she didn't want to make a scene and she has another job to get too." She said "yah well all I can do is have her come in and I can have it redone." He then responded "she doesn't feel comfortable in having her redo it". She (Amber) said she won't be doing, I will. So now I feel so happy, NOT! I can't get over the insincerity and disrespect they have for their customers. Like I said I have never complained in my life about my hair and never have written a review that was bad in my entire life. I just think business' would be more sincere in knowing someone wasn't happy with their services and even paying $100 ($90 plus tip). I would think they would try to make it write. Give them a refund of some type, not that I was asking for the whole amount in return , but just saying come back in? Why would I want someone who is so unfriendly and cold redo my hair??? Awkward!?!? ...Cost Cutters if you had any respect for your customers I would sincerely hope you would make this right.
Amy Cody
by Amy Lynn
August 26, 2016
I am from Denver CO., the worst!
by NAH
March 21, 2016
I like to go to Cost Cutters in Burlington,Wis., to a young lady named Amy. I have natrally curly hair & a long neck. She just gets i!. Every time I get a smart, age appropriate haircut that makes me proud to walk out of the salon into the public eye. I just hope my tips show my appreciation, but just in case corporate HQ actually relays kudos to stylists, this kind, gal who actually listens to customers' wants/needs should get them. Two summers ago, I actually put my new haircut selfie on Facebook & told my friends where to go for a great haircut. Even after working in the heat outdoors, the haircut still looked darn good - just curlier.. So I thank you for the opportunity to express my opinion.
by Roxanne Maas
August 29, 2015
I go to the Winnebago Salon. I have always been able to get in and find the staff friendly and courteous. However, I was told that the stylists were guaranteed 25 hours a week, but this is not the case. I am unable to make an appointment with my preferred stylist because the manager has only scheduled her 12 hours this week and on days that I am unavailable. I am not happy.
by unanimous
February 25, 2014
Did the staff at this salon use excessive foul language?
Was it easy to make an appointment with this salon?
Would you refer a friend or family member to this salon?
No, If I had known how terrible they were I never would have gone.
Was the staff at this salon friendly?
They were decent
Did this salon prominently display their credentials or business license?
Not very well. I had to really look for it before I found it.
by Anonymous
February 19, 2014
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